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News Archive for August 2005

31st August 2005Steinberg releases Cubase SL/SX v3.1

31st August 2005Angular Momentum releases Analog Warfare 2

31st August 2005QuikQuak releases RaySpace v1.7

31st August 2005plasq updates Wormhole to v2.0.2

31st August 2005Brainspawn releases Forte v1.5.85

31st August 2005sfZed v0.8.7 released

31st August 2005Synful Orchestra v2.2.2 available

30th August 2005Garritan Jazz and Big Band Collection open for pre-order

30th August 2005Christian Budde updates VST Plugin Analyser

30th August 2005Audiofile Engineering releases Wave Editor v1.0.1

30th August 2005Automat v0.3.2 released

30th August 2005Soniccouture releases Abstrakt Vol.1 (for Kontakt 2)

30th August 2005ModernBeats releases Platinum Rhythmz Loops Library

30th August 2005NUSofting releases Groove Analogizer v1.0

30th August 2005Audio Damage releases DubStation v1.0

30th August 2005Tunafish updated to v1.1

30th August 2005Augustus Loop v1.5 released

30th August 2005ChineeKong v2.6.1 released

30th August 2005VSamp v3.6.1 released

30th August 2005Synful Orchestra v2.2.1 available (OSX only)

26th August 2005Bram Bos releases Tunafish v1.0

26th August 2005Rob Papen releases Blue demo version

26th August 2005Wusikstation v2.1 released

26th August 2005Bizune updated to v1.1

26th August 2005KS:UK Bass Synth Vol 1 released (All Formats)

26th August 2005Perimeter Sound Arts releases Brain Danse and Abstract World Fusion

26th August 2005Starplugs launches the SuperSizer Bundle

26th August 2005Beta Monkey releases Jazz Essentials

26th August 2005MjHarmonicPingOnly for OS X released (+updated for Win)

24th August 2005JellyFilter v0.9.4 now available

24th August 2005Audio Ease releases Altiverb v5.1

24th August 2005Andreas Ersson updates polyIblit to v1.1.3

24th August 2005Joel Glanfield releases Stutterer beta

24th August 2005Fretted Synth Audio releases new Amp Sims

24th August 2005Rob Papen releases BLUE

24th August 2005Manytone unveils ManyGuitar

24th August 2005Toontrack announces Superior v1.5

23rd August 2005Fractal Breed releases Atomic Gold beta v0.053

22nd August 2005KS-UK Bass Synth Vol 1 released (for Orion)

22nd August 2005Fergusson Acoustics releases G-amp Classic

22nd August 2005Starplugs Vocoder updated to v1.0.1

22nd August 2005posihfopit updated to v1.2

22nd August 2005MIJOY PRO v1.2.1 released

19th August 2005Wave Editor v1.0 and Sample Manager v2.1.3 released

19th August 2005LUXONIX releases Ravity v1.4.1

19th August 2005Sonic Flavours releases R66 Reverb for OS X (+reduces price)

19th August 2005WWAYM updates nWSynth to v1.3

19th August 2005Maxx Claster releases Toxic v2.2

18th August 2005Zero-G releases Nostalgia

18th August 2005LUXONIX releases LFX-1310 v1.1 (incl. OS X VST/AU)

18th August 2005Virtuasonic updates MIJOY PRO to v1.2

18th August 2005IK Multimedia releases Miroslav Philharmonik

18th August 2005db audioware releases Quantum FX v2.0

18th August 2005digitalmusician.net goes live

18th August 2005Groove Monkee releases Funk, Hip Hop and R&B MIDI Beats for BFD

17th August 2005Sound Studio 3.0 beta now available

17th August 2005Heeb releases CrunchDude v0.1

17th August 2005NI updates Guitar Rig to v1.2.1

17th August 2005Brooks & Stegner release Arppe2600va v2.0

17th August 2005Klanglabs updates Vokko (v1.6.7), StompBud (v1.2) and Mr Green (v1.5)

17th August 2005Mathons updates Chopitch (v1.1) and releases Chopan v1.0

17th August 2005reFX updates Vanguard (v1.5) and Slayer (v2.5.3)

17th August 2005Audiofile Engineering releases Wave Editor v1.0rc5

16th August 2005Coldfire Software releases DistBit v1.0

16th August 2005Steinberg ships HALion String Edition 2 worldwide

16th August 2005ErsDrums v1.2 released

16th August 2005Heizenbox v2.3 released

16th August 2005Voxengo LF-Punch v1.2 released

15th August 2005Absynth, GPO, EWQLSO, Guitar Rig and More now on Receptor

15th August 2005SoHa Sound Design releases Sonata v1.0

15th August 2005Florida Music releases Brackenbury Tube Amp

15th August 2005Kotkas updates Paax 2 Free/Pro to v2.2

15th August 2005Arboretum releases Ray Gun Pro (AU/OS X)

15th August 2005XSynth updates EVOL to v1.2

15th August 2005WWAYM updates NWMaxx to v1.0.1 (Win)

15th August 2005VSTHost v1.32 released

12th August 2005PSP MasterComp announced

12th August 2005CodeOperator releases PlugAdmin v1.2

12th August 2005RaySpace v1.6 released

12th August 2005G-amp Lite v1.3 and G-Amp Phat v1.2 released

11th August 2005posihfopit updated to v1.0.7

11th August 2005energyXT v1.3.5 released

11th August 2005URS releases Everything EQ Bundle v4.0.1

11th August 2005Ueberschall releases Liquid Instrument Series Vol.2: Electric Bass

11th August 2005BIAS releases Peak Pro 5

11th August 2005Steinberg announces Studio Case II

10th August 2005Syntheway releases Zephyrus v1.0

10th August 2005Aodix v4.1 beta now available

9th August 2005MOTU releases Symphonic Instrument

9th August 2005NI releases Kontakt Experience

9th August 2005CableGuys release Curve v0.2b

9th August 2005Cycling '74 releases Pluggo v3.5.2

9th August 2005Synful Orchestra v2.2 now available

9th August 2005SynthEdit Beta v0.1001 now available

9th August 2005East West launches Percussive Adventures 2 Group Buy

9th August 2005Voxengo releases LF-Max

9th August 2005SAWStudio / SAWStudioLite v3.9h (+Basic v1.4h) released

9th August 2005Audiofile Engineering releases Wave Editor v1.0rc4

9th August 2005Iced Audio releases AudioFinder v3.8.1

9th August 2005LazySnake v1.0.2 now available

8th August 2005ProXL releases VstNotes v1.0

8th August 2005WWAYM releases NWMaxx v1.0

8th August 2005audio da onca releases posihfopit v1.0.5

8th August 2005Massive Summer Clearance at Sounds Online

8th August 2005Wusikstation v2.0.2 released (+BIG Package - 1520+ presets)

8th August 2005Sony updates Acid Pro (v5.0c) and Sound Forge (8.0b)

8th August 2005QuikQuak updates RaySpace to v1.5 (+Price reduced)

8th August 2005LUXONIX Ravity series v1.4 released

8th August 2005discoDSP summer 2005 discount promotion

8th August 2005Synapse Audio releases Orion Platinum 6

8th August 2005Rayzoon Technologies releases Jamstix v1.3

2nd August 2005Voxengo releases Voxformer v1.6

2nd August 2005VSTHost v1.31 and SAVIHost v1.21 released

2nd August 2005Spectrasonics updates Atmosphere, Trilogy and Stylus Classic (AU)

1st August 2005Kjaerhus Audio updates Golden Equaliser | GEQ-7 to v1.1.1

1st August 2005KarmaFX Synth v0.8.9 now available

1st August 2005Kong Audio releases ChineeKong V2