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News Archive for October 2005

31st October 2005LazySnake v1.0.3 now available

31st October 2005Devine Machine releases OneShot Recorder v1.1

31st October 2005PLParEQ1 and PLParEQ4 v1.45 released

31st October 2005Audio Ease updates Altiverb to v5.1.1

31st October 2005Hexter v1.1 released

31st October 2005Glitchtek updates Roku to v1.0.3

31st October 2005K.o.m.p. updates VE41 to v1.0.1

31st October 2005Precisionsound releases Lyra (HAL/KON/SF2)

27th October 2005Rogue Amoeba releases Audio Hijack Pro v2.6.2

27th October 2005SKYLIFE releases SampleRobot v1.5

27th October 2005White Noise Audio Halloween discount offer

27th October 2005Sounds Online Spooky Special Offers (10-50% off)

27th October 2005Voxengo releases Marquis Universal Compressor v1.0.1

26th October 2005expert sleepers updates Minky Starshine to v1.0.3

26th October 2005Oli larkin updates Dronebox (v2.1) and Polycomb (v1.1)

26th October 2005Glitchtek updates Roku to v1.0.1

26th October 2005MultitrackStudio v4.0.1 now available

26th October 2005Antares updates Auto-Tune to v4.3.1 (DX only)

25th October 2005PLParEQ1 updated (v1.16) and PLParEQ4 released

25th October 2005Laurence Davies releases InstaJungle v0.2

25th October 2005CuteVST releases Hexter v1.0

25th October 2005Zero-G announces Drum Styles (KON/REX/WAV)

25th October 2005Rob Papen releases BLUE v1.1

25th October 2005alphakanal releases Automat v0.3.6

25th October 2005Basement Arts releases Frantic v1.1

24th October 2005NUSofting announces Modelonia (+demo & pre-release offer)

24th October 2005Soniccouture announces release of Variable Ambience Drums (KON/BAT)

24th October 2005haydxn releases ObliqueVST v1.0

24th October 2005Livelab.dk updates LiveSlice to v1.0.2

24th October 2005Contralogic Productions releases Feldspar v1.0

24th October 2005Beta Monkey releases Rock Hard Funk (WAV)

24th October 2005ModernBeats releases Brass Elementz 2 (HAL/KON/EXS/BAT)

21st October 2005Refined Audiometrics Laboratory releases System 1200

21st October 2005antti @ Smart Electronix releases Taurus beta 2

21st October 2005SynthFont v1.010 released

21st October 2005WWAYM releases nWSynth for Mac OS X

21st October 2005LUXONIX LFX-1310 v1.1.3 released

20th October 2005Glitchtek releases Roku v1.0

20th October 2005Nugen Audio releases Monofilter LT v1.0 & Stereoizer LT v1.0

20th October 2005Mackie releases Tracktion v2.0.2.8

20th October 2005Artvera releases Golden Aset v2.0

20th October 2005Ignition and Endangered Rhythms released for Wusik Engine

20th October 2005Molecular Bytes releases Membrane v0.12.1 beta

20th October 2005Precisionsound releases Philicorda GM 751 (HAL/Kon/SF2)

19th October 2005BFD Lite for Receptor now available

19th October 2005Plogue Bidule v0.9 now available

19th October 2005LiveLab.dk releases LiveSlice v1.0

19th October 2005djDecks v0.70 released

19th October 2005Refined Audiometrics Laboratory releases PLParEQ1

19th October 2005Glaresoft releases XRB for iDrum

19th October 2005CDxtract releases Samplit v1.0.6

19th October 2005Voxengo Crunchessor v1.7 released

18th October 2005Wave Arts releases TrackPlug 5 (+updates other plug-ins to v5.0.5)

18th October 2005MultitrackStudio v4.0 released

17th October 2005UniWire White Paper now available

17th October 2005reFX updates Slayer to v2.5.4

17th October 2005Clone Ensemble releases Voice Trap v1.0

17th October 2005Vember Audio releases Surge v1.0.1

17th October 2005Kong Audio releases ChineeErhu v1.0

17th October 2005Synth1 v1.07 (alpha2) released

17th October 2005SSS C3 Multi Band Compressor updated to v1.2.11

15th October 2005Automat v0.3.5 released

15th October 2005reViSiT v0.87.2 released

14th October 2005PowerFX releases Swiss Army Synth v1.0

14th October 2005Groove Monkee releases BFD Metal Beats

14th October 2005Sonic Reality announces Studio Profile Series (Multi-track Loop Libraries)

14th October 2005ag-works updates Sonogram SG-1

13th October 2005Image-Line releases Sytrus v2.0 (+Group Buy)

13th October 2005audio da onca releases VST Host Winamp Bridge

13th October 2005Sound Studio 3 now available for pre-order

13th October 2005Oli Larkin releases Dronebox2 and Polycomb

13th October 2005SynthMaker v0.9.5 released

13th October 2005Sonar 5-Know It All! released (Training Video)

13th October 2005dblue releases Glitch 1.2.2 beta

13th October 2005VSTHost v1.35 and SAVIHost v1.23 released

13th October 2005reFX updates Vanguard to v1.5.1

13th October 2005Voxengo updates Pristine Space to v1.5

11th October 2005Cycling '74 releases Hipno v1.0 (over 40 plug-ins)

11th October 2005nuffink releases ChordSpace v1.0

11th October 2005Synthepolis releases nrg-A v1.0

11th October 2005Crysonic launches Spectralive v2 Group Buy

10th October 2005Merging Technologies announces Pyramix 5

10th October 2005A0 Digital Audio re-releases 3 classic FX

10th October 2005SSL releases LMC-1 Listen Mic Compressor

10th October 2005Psychic Modulation releases Meteorite v2.0

10th October 2005UltimateSoundBank X-Treme FX update for Windows now available

10th October 2005FXpansion releases BFD Deluxe Collection

10th October 2005BIAS announces Master Perfection Suite

10th October 2005Coyote releases ForteDXi v1.1 (GM Module)

10th October 2005Native Instruments announces Bandstand (GM Module)

10th October 2005Ableton Live v5.0.2 released

10th October 2005SynthEdit beta v1.003 now available

10th October 2005MOTU announces Symphonic Instrument v1.1

10th October 2005Native Instruments announces the Kontakt 2 Tutorial DVD

10th October 2005Native Instruments launches NI Essentials

10th October 2005Native Instruments announces B4 II

10th October 2005Native Instruments announces Guitar Rig 2

10th October 2005Native Instruments announces updated NI Komplete product range

7th October 2005Muse Research @ AES (More plug-ins & Receptor v1.4)

7th October 2005Raw Material releases PPMulator v1.4

7th October 2005Celemony announces Melodyne3

7th October 2005Steinberg debuts Nuendo v3.2 at AES

7th October 2005PMI launches Sample Library Group Buy

7th October 2005Cakewalk announces Dimension Pro (Mac & Win)

7th October 2005WWAYM releases 2nd official preset bank for NWSynth

7th October 2005Princeton Digital announces Plate 2016 Reverb VST

7th October 2005Zero-G announces Vocal Forge

7th October 2005URS announces The Classic Console Compressor Bundle

6th October 2005Audio Ease updates VST-MAS Wrapper to v4.1.5

6th October 2005Prominy launches Ultra Group Buy (+bonus Giveaway)

6th October 2005JC Productionz releases X-Flanger v1.0

6th October 2005K.o.m.p. releases Coolblue and updates VE41

6th October 2005Fretted Synth Audio releases Helian 1st/2nd Bass Amps

6th October 2005SynthFont v1.0 released

6th October 2005Synthogy announces Ivory v1.5 release (incl. Win)

6th October 2005Acoustic Motions releases Electri-Q v1.0

6th October 2005Sonic Assault updates FiltSeq (v1.3) and MidiSeq (v1.2)

6th October 2005CableGuys Curve v0.3b

6th October 2005Iced Audio updates AudioFinder to v3.8.4

6th October 2005LazySnake updated to v1.0.2.1

6th October 2005Augustus Loop v1.5.1 released

5th October 2005East West Receptor + Colossus Special Offer (Save $1200)

5th October 2005Joel Glanfield releases Sample Stutterer v1.0

5th October 2005SampleTank 2.1, AmpliTube 2 & CSR release announcements

5th October 2005Spectrasonics releases Stylus RMX v1.5

5th October 2005Apple releases Logic Express/Pro v7.1.1

4th October 2005FabFilter One v3.0.3 and Volcano v1.1.2 released

3rd October 2005MusicLab announces RealGuitar v2.0 (+Intro offer)

3rd October 2005Synth1 v1.0.7 alpha now available

3rd October 2005KarmaFX Synth v0.9 & Reverb v1.0b released (+EQ announced)

3rd October 2005Krakli releases Cygnus

3rd October 2005VSTHost v1.34 and SAVIHost v1.22 now available

3rd October 2005Vember Audio unveils Surge

3rd October 2005Starplugs releases 2-2-SiX (stereo to 5.1 upmixer)