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News Archive for November 2003

29th November 2003Arturia CS80V v1.1 released

29th November 2003DashSignature EVE updated to v1.1.8

29th November 2003Arturia Moog Modular V v1.2 released

29th November 2003rgc:audio sfz updated to v1.0.6

29th November 2003Synapse Orion Platinum v5.0 released

28th November 2003ErsDrums v1.1 & PolyIblit v1.0 released

27th November 2003VirSyn Tera 2 released

27th November 2003Sonic Timeworks SH-1001 updated

26th November 2003Camel Audio Cameleon 5000 released

26th November 2003SampleTank updated to v2.0.2

26th November 2003NUSofting Mother Ship Astrobelt v1.2 released

26th November 2003DashSignature EVE updated to v1.0.6

26th November 2003MOTU MachFive updated to v1.0.7

25th November 2003Steinberg HALion updated to v2.0.2.2 (OS X)

24th November 2003brainspawn forte v1.3 released

24th November 2003discoDSP Phantom released

21st November 2003MusicLab RealGuitar announced

21st November 2003FXpansion BFD v1.0.5 (Windows) released

21st November 2003Sonic Timeworks SH-1001 released

21st November 2003CPS v1.4 released

20th November 2003Steinberg Cubase SL 2.0 released

20th November 2003Emagic Logic Platinum v6.3.2 released

20th November 2003Native Instruments Kontakt updated to v1.5.1

20th November 2003DashSignature TubiLeSax v1.8.2 released

20th November 2003Garritan Personal Orchestra released

20th November 2003VirSyn microTERA free with Music Tech Magazine

18th November 2003Ueberschall VLP120 demo available

17th November 2003USB Charlie set for release

17th November 2003Camel Audio Cameleon 5000 demo available

17th November 2003reFX Vanguard unveiled

17th November 2003Zero-G announces the first Vocaloid products

17th November 2003East West Quantum Leap Hardcore Bass released

17th November 2003FX-MAX announces VSTi adapter for GigaStudio

16th November 2003FX-MAX FX Freeze released

16th November 2003ConcreteFX Dicer v1.5 released

16th November 2003DASH Signature EVE v1.0 released

16th November 2003VSTHost v1.09 released

16th November 2003Metro v6.1.0.4 Pre-release released

12th November 2003Yellow Tools Culture v1.2.0 r2 released

12th November 2003VirSyn TERA v2.0 revealed

12th November 2003SwarPlug Volume North 2 announced

11th November 2003VSamp 3.4.2 released

11th November 2003White Noise Additive announced

11th November 2003SAWStudio v3.4c released

8th November 2003NI Intakt released

7th November 2003Sonar 3 plugin patch released

7th November 2003Symphonic Orchestra Silver & Gold announced

7th November 2003FXpansion BFD updated to v1.0.3

6th November 2003NI Kontakt v1.5 & Battery for OS X released

6th November 2003SpeedSoft VSampler 3 released

6th November 2003Bitshift pHATmatik PRO v1.2.1 beta (VST/AU - OSX) released

6th November 2003DashSignature Glitch One & EVE v1.0b released

6th November 2003VOPM v0.1.1 released

6th November 2003Steinberg Nuendo v2.1.0.10 & Cubase v2.0.1.10 (Mac) released

4th November 2003pHATmatik PRO v1.2 (OS X/AU) released

3rd November 2003u-he Zebra v1.0b14 released

3rd November 2003DashSignature theAbstractGuitar v1.3.4 & EVE no SSE beta

1st November 2003energyXT updated to v1.2.3

1st November 2003ConcreteFX Industry updated to v2.3

1st November 2003reFX Slayer 2 released