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Acousticsamples releases VTines Live - Electric Keyboard for iOS


Acousticsamples has announced the release of VTines Live for iOS.

Acousticsamples says:

Those of you already familiar with our desktop VTines virtual electric piano instrument already understand: it's based on a mix of the most cutting-edge sampling and modeling techniques, giving it the true vintage sound of the original electric piano, with the added flexibility of synthesis.

Now it's available on iOS with features including:

  • EQ, vibrato, spring reverb, tube saturation, original amp model and more (see details on acousticsamples.net/vtineslive).
  • In-depth controls like pedal noise volume, release sample volume, overall dynamics, bell and attack volume.
  • Compatibility with iPhone and iPad devices running iOS 11 or later.
  • Usable as a standalone or AU V3.
  • MIDI learn on every knob, Bluetooth MIDI capabilities, customizable presets and more.

Check out the overview video for all the features and info

You can purchase VTines live directly from the App Store or discover more about it on acousticsamples.net/vtineslive

Intro Price: $14.99.



Discussion: Active
25 March 2021 at 6:11pm

It's great to have this lovely and expressive Rhodes on the iPad Pro.

I wouldn't have minded if some of the effects from the UVI version, such as chorus and wah, had accompanied Vtines over to iOS, though. Hopefully in an update one of these days.

And here's fingers crossed for Vreeds 200 to follow RSN.

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