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Acousticsamples releases the VWinds Double Reeds


Acousticsamples has announced the release of the first part of their brand new VSeries: the VWinds Double Reeds, a woodwinds plug-in that features Acousticsamples' H.A.T (Harmonic Alignment Technology). It uses real samples as the sound source, the rest is modelled and is the start of the VSeries.

Acousticsamples explains:

Our goal was to make great, authentic sounding woodwinds with a simple and powerful way to play them. Our H.A.T technology allows us to achieve that and accurately reproduce the evolution of each one's timbre from very to soft to loud playing. VWinds is not another heavily multi-sampled instrument - you can play the articulations yourself like a player would, only with a MIDI controller (or by drawing it in). No complicated key switches here. VWinds Double Reeds builds on what we started with our VHorns Brass Section and VHorns Saxophones.

The user can take control of these 7 instruments (2 Oboes, 2 English Horns, 2 Bassoons and 1 Contrabassoon) with Air Flow Control, Authentic Vibrato, Legato Transitions, Multi Microphone Recording, Virtual Spaces, Mutes, Advanced Editing, MIDI Controllers (keyboard, breath or wind controller), Ensembles and more.

Intro Price: 149€ / $169 until June 15, 2023 (Reg. 199€ / $219).

They're also available in single instruments, also at intro prices.

VWinds Double Reeds is powered by the free UVI Workstation plug-in.



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