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Acustica Audio releases Titanium2 Mastering Multi-band Stereo Compressor

Acustica Audio

Acustica Audio has released Titanium2, an updated version of the Titanium mastering multi-band stereo compressor, improved with new features.

Besides Acustica Audio's CORE9 audio engine, Titanium2 is further enhanced with more features, including Ultramatch, a new technique for minimizing the digital compression curves errors, "ShMod" (a shape control for the attack behavior of the compressor) and "Input Trim" to control the Input/Output compensation of the signal. A switch allows customers to choose which compressor to use. The default compressor is the latest version, but if you prefer the "old" sound you can select the previous detector by pressing the button labelled "Tit1". The "Mute" button allows you to mute the whole signal chain.

The Titanium2 suite is made up of two separate Acqua plugins with graphical user interfaces that enable easy and quick parameter changes. The main plugin is a three-band multiband, but also included is a single-band compressor that can be used more like a typical compressor.

Price and availability:

  • The owners of Titanium1 will receive the new version automatically for free.
  • Titanium2 commercial version: €129.00. Available as a digital download immediately after payment.
  • Titanium2 trial version: free 4-week test license. Available as a digital download immediately after €0.00 payment.

Pre-order and discounts:

  • Pre-order discount: €116.10 (10% discount from MSRP price for the first 4 weeks).
  • Christmas discount:€103.20 (20% discount until January 9th, 2017).

Upgrade from previous version:

  • Version upgrades are free for existing customers.


  • Challenge-response authorization system, allowing two computers activation per each license.
  • The trial version works for four weeks, allowing two computers activation per each license.


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