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Aly James Lab releases ClapTrap v2.0 - Simmons Analog & Digital Clap synth models with extended functions (VST3 & AU)

Aly James Lab

Aly James Lab has released ClapTrap v2.0, a plug-in closely modelling and expanding upon both vintage Simmons analog and digital clap synth models (mk1, 2 and 3) for macOS and Windows.

Completely rebuilt and enhanced from the ClapTrap v1.0 plug-in that initially came as a limited time bonus with the VSDSX 2.0 plug-in, version 2.0 is a new plug-in for the first time available "on its own" in VST3 and AU and doesn't need a VSDSX License to run.

Here is what's new:

  • Introducing - Mac VST3 and Native Silicon (M1/M2), builds are "Universal 2" meaning VST3 and AU work on both Intel x86-64-and ARM64 Apple Silicon Mac natively.
  • Introducing - Mac signed Installers.
  • Introducing - Circuit MODE: Digital MK3 or the freshly emulated Analog MK1/2 model.
  • Introducing - GUI Trigger button.
  • Introducing - Improved GUI, new design, crisper look at different DPI (HD graphics, Vector knobs).
  • Introducing - Multi Outputs routing capability.
  • Introducing - Single or Dual operation.
  • Added - Settings and preset browser pages.
  • Added - Improved Noise Filter topology.
  • Added - Option to switch from original hardware noise SVF filter to a custom "fixed gain" peak filter.
  • Added - Digital Clap Tone EPROM swapping.
  • Added - Analog Clap Ensemble circuit bending: Pulses shape, Humanizer mod amount, reversed key-tracking...
  • Added - Trigger "thump" and Filter noise bleed emulation.
  • Added - Option to delay incoming trigger (max 100ms) on one unit.
  • Added - True stereo capability on the analog ensemble pulses.
  • Added - Option to enable global circuit saturation (also reduces dynamic range).
  • Fix - Rare Mac OS graphic glitches.
  • Fix - Improved CPU usage by "sleeping" analog emulated circuits when not in use.
  • Fix - Most parameters should now respond to automation.
  • Fix - Improved VST3 MIDI support. (for example it can: receive MIDI 2.0, Enable Ableton Live's "External Instrument rack" inputs detection etc.).

Price: 30 Euros.

The first Claptrap was analog and it was a Musicaid device, built approximately 1979/80, likely assembled by Dave Simmons himself, followed by the analog Simmons Claptrap (technically the same as the Musicaid but with a humanizer function and a slightly different case) and completed in 1984 by the digital version: the Simmons Digital Claptrap, one of Simmons most important bread and butter products.

Wolfgang's blog - Simmonsmuseum


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