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Aly James Lab releases FMDRIVE - Sega Mega Drive / Genesis FM VST Synthesizer with extended features for Windows

Aly James Lab

Aly James Lab has released FMDRIVE, a Sega Mega Drive / Genesis FM VST Synthesizer for Windows. It's Donationware, with a minimum donation of 10.00 €.

The Sega gaming console from the '90s had a Yamaha YM2612 FM Synth Chip inside, which offered a 4 Operator FM synthesizer plus DAC, SSG Envelopes and special operating modes like CSM speech synthesis. On top of that, the Sega had a distinctive distorted sound, more or less present, depending on revision models.

This Windows 32-bit VST synth is suitable for chipmusic, Sega nostalgic pleasure and also a powerful FM tool for modern music production.

FMDRIVE not only emulates the YM2612 Chip but also adds extra features with live control in mind. Using a new modeled core with extended features like circuit bending, FMDRIVE adds the full FM power underneath the original concept.

You can easily design a vast range of sounds on top of the 33,000 instrument presets already extracted from games ROMs with the help of a big user friendly GUI with multiple panels. You can also extract presets from your favorite VGM files with the included converter and use them in your productions.

You can go further with extended controls, and even MIDI control the real hardware with a special add on interface: The GENMDM designed by Little Scale (not included).

Read the 45 page manual (PDF) for full technical info and feature set.

FMDRIVE had been developed with the latest stable SynthEdit engine using custom C++ code and 3rd party licensed code.


The sound on the video is the direct output of the VST, not mixed.



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