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Aly James Lab releases Elastic Bender v2.0 (64-bit & Mac support) and updates VSDSX to v2.0.2 (enhanced Mac support and more)

Aly James Lab

Aly James Lab has released version 2.0 of Elastic Bender, a dynamic triggered pitchshifter, and updated VSDSX to v2.0.2.

Version 2.0 of the Elastic Bender plugin, a dynamic triggered pitch envelope using a vintage digital pitch-shifter design, adds native 64-bit support and native Mac Audio Units format. This is a completely new version of the plugin.

Now it can be used on mono or stereo signals such as guitar, bass, keys, drums or vocals.


  • Cross Platform capability (Windows VST2/VST3 and Mac AU (Audio Unit).
  • 64-bit build using latest OS and IDE (Windows 10 Visual Studio and Mac Xcode).
  • Updated GUI (graphic Interface).
  • Bypass parameter added.
  • Stability bug fixes.
  • Catalina / Big Sur fix (Mac).
  • Auval fix (Mac).
  • Automation and preset system fix (Win/Mac).

Price: 30 Euros.

Owners of ELASTIC Bender version 1.0 (32-bit Windows only) have an upgrade path you can find here.

The VSDSX (Virtual Simmons Drums System Extended) v2.0.2 update adds Mac OS Catalina/Big Sur support and Mac M1 compatibility. This version of the drum synth also includes bug fixes and a new version of the Claptrap plugin (only available with a VSDSX 2 License).


  • Fixed wrong status on MIDI Map after a Map Reset.
  • Better support for Direct-X graphics (fix crashes on older systems).
  • Hihat fix wrong velocity always affecting Hihat bend instead of sensitivity.
  • Multi Out switch will stay consistent even on patch change during the life of the instance.
  • GUI fixes and color changes.
  • New keyboard control mode (claptrap).
  • Fix control voltages limit in key control mode(claptrap).
  • Catalina / Big Sur fix (Mac).
  • Auval fix (Mac).
  • Automation and preset system fix (Mac).
  • Now signed and notarized by Apple (Mac).

Price: 45 Euros.



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