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Aly James Lab releases OB-Xtreme v2.0.1 - Growly OB-X/OB-Xa infused synth emulation with virtual voltage modeling

Aly James Lab

Aly James Lab has released version 2.0.1 of OB-XTreme, a full rework the original OB-Xtreme software synthesizer for added fatness, increased distortion emulation and more OB-X and OB-Xa detail.

Release Update:

Since the "pre-release" version 2.0.0 (July 2022), the 2.0.1 release update brings the following additions:

  • V2 factory presets, activated LFO2.
  • LFO2 Modes (LFO, BPM synced, one-shot envelope).
  • LFO2 modulation and routing activated (SPREAD, WIDTH, MIX2, MIX3 etc.).
  • Semi-tones tuning per voice card.
  • Fix: vibrato delay time corrected.
  • Presets nav < - > arrows on the main panel.
  • Portamento voltage offsets and Glissando mode.
  • XMOD voltage offsets.
  • DC filter (20 - 50Hz).
  • Re-worked CARDS panel controls.
  • Most parameters are now automatable and save state.
  • Fix: Pitch-Wheel voltage going down briefly when selecting OSC2 ONLY.
  • Fix: EG attack stages now receive voltage offsets correctly.
  • Fix: wrong LFO voltage on PWM2.
  • Fix: GUI filter modes buttons logic.
  • Fix: corrected v1 presets using wrong legacy settings.
  • Fix: LFO S&H rate.
  • Code tidy minor CPU reduction.
  • HD mode setting is no more reset by preset loading/changing.
  • Place holder for a future 4 steps modulation sequencer or whatever it will become.

OB-Xtreme capitalises on the slight analog voltage variations, the misbehaving components and moments of distortion from the oscillators, filters, VCA and the output. Version 2.0 increases the modelling voice cards detail on every part of every circuit.

The synth can be an 8-voice polysynth, an 8-voice unison or a combination of the two with the flick of the FAT switch to have an 8-voice polyphonic with eight layers of unison. All sound sources are modeled on the original synth waveforms with Saw, Pulse, and Triangle and includes the Saw+Pulse matching the original blend volume. The individual voice cards can be manipulated by taking on voltage offsets and deviations to mimic their analogue character.

There are two filters, the 2-Pole coming from the OB-X and the 4-pole based on the CEM3320. There's a bit of optional resonance compensation on the 4-pole, while the 2-pole also offers a band-pass output.

Modulation options are closer to those of an OB-8 which gives many control possibilities in addition to parameters automation.

One feature is the "Xtreme Factor", which takes control of the emulated OTA-induced distortion. This goes from traditional behavior all the way up to something a bit out of hand. A bunch of Macro knobs gives a nicely curated control over the oscillator tuning, filter envelope offsets, VCA envelope offsets, filter deviation, pulse width modulation offsets, portamento timing and cross modulation offsets.

OB-Xtreme 2.0 is available now for macOS and Windows and costs €45.




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