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Aly James Lab updates VPROM to v2.0.4

Aly James Lab

Aly James Lab has updated VPROM, a true variable sample rate drum machine sound emulation with EPROM image loading capabilities for Windows and Mac, to version 2.0.4.

VPROM emulates all the character and internal circuitry of the 1st sample based drum machine in History that has been a staple to the 80s sound.

Changes include:

  • Color change: closer to the original hardware darker and lighter orange.
  • Option to change the mixer volume slider's response between Linear (original VST behaviour) or Log Tappers (closer to hardware).
  • Hi-hat curve, timing and range updated, closer to hardware.
  • Fixed the "NoDelay SNARE" default Extra voice EPROM, previous one had some noise at the end.
  • New CHOKE feature to instantly stop the playing of the Extra voice at any point, useful for choking cymbals and other creative ideas.
  • Optional x16 efficient oversampling processing to get rid of any unwanted high frequency artefacts on TAMB, CAB, HIHAT and EXTRA voices giving more definition to the variable sample rate process and a true preserved harmonic image at any tuning or sample rate.
  • CPU usage reduced: Mainly code optimization.
  • Voice names are now kept marked on top of the GUI panel when not in Mixer view.
  • Tune/Pan selection is now done in one click like a toggle switch.

Price: 45.00 €. Registered users can follow this link to learn how to update.



Discussion: Active
17 December 2018 at 3:42pm

So, because his software got pirated he now asks more money from his honest customers for just a minor update? Terrible way of doing business.

Over 50% less income because of piracy is bullsh*t, those pirates would have never bought the plugin in the first place. That's why they're pirates, they only grab it because they can get it for free.

I've never seen any other plugin developer raise their prices because of piracy, because other developers are smart enough to know that this would result in even more piracy.

Ghost Dog
Ghost Dog
18 December 2018 at 6:30pm

I can sort of understand his mentality, since he's a small dev and probably isn't making very much from his VSTs (even though they're pretty awesome), but yeah, it's a pretty bs move.

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