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Aly James Lab releases "Elastic Bender" virtual pedal - dynamic Whammy, audio pitch bender VST effect based on emulated BBD chips for Windows

Aly James Lab

Aly James Lab has released the Elastic Bender virtual pedal, a peak triggered audio pitch bender VST effect plug-in with extended functions for Windows, based on emulated BBD chips delay time modulated by a peak, LFO or MIDI triggered envelope.

It's Donationware, with a minimum donation of 15.00 €.

The Elastic Bender is based on emulated dual BBD (bucket brigade delay) chips which delay times are modulated by the peak triggered envelope. While the incoming audio peaks are detected by the circuitry, they will trigger an audio pitch envelope that will dynamically bend the note (s) from lower to the actual pitch or from higher to the actual pitch.

You can act on the depth and the speed of the pitch envelope and also make some unusual dynamic chorus, wild flanger, ring modulation and early vintage pitchshifter effects.

The virtual pedal can also "self oscillate" when the feedback is set to the max and control external hardware such as a Whammy 5 pedal via MIDI.

It runs on Windows 32/64-bit Systems and is multi-core compatible with 32-bit DAW/Host (works on x64 DAW via bridging). OS X will be available next year.

Video preview playlist: youtu.be/XopIAe0XFs4?list=PL2X0FVUU6ExZ7JyxKuyg_7RzlG5fUWtoC

SoundCloud demos: http://soundcloud.com/alyjameslab/sets/elastic-bender-el-2-vst-fx



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