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Aly James Lab releases VLinn LM-1 Drums v2.0 - x64, New features and Mac format

Aly James Lab

Aly James Lab Vlinn Linn LM-1 VSTAly James has released a major new version of VLinn, the plugin instrument designed to be an accurate software recreation of the legendary Linn LM-1 drum machine. Version 2.0 now includes native 32-bit and 64-bit plugin format, VST2, VST3 and AU for Mac OS X and Windows, workflow enhancements and new features.

The VLinn LM-1 Drum plugin wants to provide the closest experience to the real thing because it is not based on samples. Instead it accurately models the clocks and counters that reads the EPROM's memory feeding the AM6070 DACs to decode the EPROM's data in real-time. It models the CEM 3320 filters with tweak-able control over the CV pulses shapes to let more or less transient pass through unfiltered or completely bypass them, special hihat circuitry and VCA providing different hihat sound on each trigger and decay control, separate tuning for all voices with already a wider range without tweaking the electronics. Separate outputs for a DAW, velocity handling, etc. All voices can be replaced with external EPROM data like on a real machine, opening up a whole new range of sound, still being processed by the circuitry.

​VLINN version 2.0 features:

  • New MIDI Panel with MIDI learn-able custom trigger maps.
  • Change in default MIDI trigger map. (see manual.).
  • New panning capability per drum, panning knobs will replace the tuning knob row via a pop-up box selection. (available while clicking on the TUNE label on the GUI. See control panels).
  • Improved GUI.
  • All EPROMs can now be replaced versus only 7 of them in version 1.
  • Easier and faster Custom EPROMs loading and management; no need to specify the size any more, VLINN does it for you. Once loaded, custom EPROMs are saved with the patch.
  • The additional CUSTOM voice is renamed to EXTRA and is now loaded by default with a modified delay-less stock LM-1 Snare. (see Manual -> EPROM Loading.).
  • Double clicking a control resets to default value on most of the GUI controls.
  • ALT+Left click on each Tune Knob in order to set the clock rate precisely by typing in a value. The main info display will now only display the last edited parameter info or value, such as which EPROM .bin is loaded or the knob, slider etc. current value.
  • In addition to the original velocity mode, 2 Full velocity modes are now available with linear and now exponential response.
  • Incoming MIDI Pitch-Bend Message is now recognized and will act as a Global tuning offset, great for live tweaking the whole set or to transpose up or down.
  • VLINN now transmit its triggers as MIDI OUT.
  • External MIDI learn for controls can now only be attached to MIDI CC messages. (no more Sysx nor aftertouch).

Full Manual and Technical info [PDF].

Price: VLinn 2.0 is 40 Euros. Upgrade from version 1.0 is 25 Euros (if you haven't receive an Email yet, feel free to contact Aly with your version 1.0 registration info.)





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