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Bremmers Audio Design updates MultitrackStudio to v9.6

Bremmers Audio Design

Bremmers Audio Design has released version 9.6 of MultitrackStudio for Windows and macOS.


  • Reference Files for comparing your master to commercial tracks (Pro edition).
  • 'Export tracks to audio files...' is renamed to 'Export audio stems...'. It can now export groups as well, and there's an "Include track effects" button (Pro edition).
  • Tuner has Pianoroll mode.
  • Onscreen MIDI keyboards: changed keyboard shortcuts, they're more convenient now.
  • "Scrubber on track editor" setting now also affects MIDI notes lassoing: if you turn it off you won't hear MIDI notes being lassoed.
  • MIDI Controller editors: Dots Editor now has 'Straight Line' option, it connects the first and last selected dots using a straight line.
  • New 'higher' mp3 quality in 'Mix down to audio file' window. Creates 192kbps (stereo) / 96kbps (mono) files.
  • Track output selector dropdown lists now show the text of any labels on group sections (e.g. 'Group 1 (Backing Vocals) ' instead of just 'Group 1').
  • 'Save everything in song' now remembers collapsed mixer sections.
  • Quantize and custom grid resolutions can now be something like "2 in 3/8", which would be duplets. Until now the "3" in this example could only be "1".
  • Track sidechaining: a track that is sidechain source now still sends sidechain signal if its Mute button is engaged. A track that consumes a sidechain can now be soloed with working sidechains. And it's now easier to use a track as sidechain source only (until now you had to route it to a muted group to mute it). (Pro edition).
  • Pianoroll/Score editors have new 'L' (legato) mouse modifier. It makes the note(s) play until the next note starts.
  • Tuner: pitch detection is more reliable, meter is easier to read, reduced CPU usage.
  • Easier mapping of effect controls to Remote Control knobs: tweak an effect control using the mouse, and then click the Remote Control Bar. The effect control is now highlighted in the selector window, and you can click OK to map it.
  • Remote Control Bar now has more than 8 sections if the remote control is set up to use more than 8 mixer sections or effect knobs.
  • External MIDI instruments: patchmap can now be set to 'None', this may be more convenient than using a patchmap for a different device.
  • External MIDI instruments: the Bank:prog box now accepts something like MSB:LSB:2 (the bank will be calculated from the MSB and LSB values).
  • Clip Shelf: parts can now be dropped anywhere (rather than only on the 'Audio/MIDI Clips' header). You can now drag files from Windows/macOS to the Clip Shelf. Songs remember whether Clip Shelf is visible if 'Save everything in song' is on.
  • Comment / Lyrics / Chords editor windows: Ctrl++/- (Windows) / Cmd-+/- (Mac) shortcuts zoom text in and out.
  • Fixed: Remote Control: Info button was disabled for MMC preset.
  • Fixed: Deleting a MIDI pattern in Ripple mode could cause exception error.
  • Fixed: Importing audio files: file names starting with a space caused problems.

Users who purchased MultitrackStudio after October 28, 2013 are entitled to lifetime free updates. Older versions can be upgraded: $39 (Pro) / $23 (Standard).



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