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Cakewalk by BandLab updated to version 2021.06


Cakewalk has released Cakewalk by BandLab (CbB) version 2021.06.

The 2021.06 release introduces improved input/output port naming, improved dropout management, several Arranger enhancements, Tempo track grid lines, shape smoothing options when using the Freehand tool on envelope shapes, improved VST3 support, lots of other enhancements and optimizations, and over 25 bug fixes that focus on stability and user reported issues.

2021.06 Highlights:

  • Improved input/output port naming for hardware and software ports.
  • Improved dropout management.

Misc. enhancements:

  • Create new arrangement based on existing arrangement.
  • Insert committed arrangement at the Now Time.
  • Optional grid lines in the Tempo track.
  • Specify shape smoothing behavior when using the Freehand tool on automation envelopes.
  • Replace synth on a single Instrument track. You can now replace the soft synth on an individual Instrument track without affecting other Instrument tracks that share the same soft synth instance.
  • Replace Synth now handles output port mismatch. When replacing a synth with a different synth that has fewer outputs, you can now replace with multiple instances of the new synth in order to account for the extra outputs.
  • Note Names in the Piano Roll view persist per track.
  • In the Articulation Map Editor, you can now offset the start time and override the duration of New Note output events in the Transform Existing MIDI Events section.
  • Reorder multiple tracks simultaneously.
  • Duplicate Selected Clip(s) as Linked Clips command. (CTRL+SHIFT+D).
  • Improved VST3 support.
  • ALT+mouse wheel now zooms in the Piano Roll view Drum Grid pane.
  • Improved font rendering in new menus.


  • Improved app startup time when using WASAPI driver mode.


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