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Cakewalk by BandLab updated to version 2021.09


Cakewalk has released Cakewalk by BandLab (CbB) version 2021.09.

The 2021.09 release introduces enhanced audio file export, batch exporting, filename tokens, completely redesigned Export Audio and bounce dialogs, improved AudioSnap transient detection, other enhancements and optimizations, and over 15 bug fixes that focus on stability and user reported issues.

2021.09 Highlights:

  • Export enhancements:
    • An intuitive new export UI designed to streamline workflow and make it easier to get to the most commonly used features.
    • Task queues for batch exporting.
    • Use attribute tags to construct filenames for exported audio files.
    • New additional export source categories: Tracks Through Entire Mix, Track Folders, and Arranger Sections.
    • Improved support for exporting track stems.
    • Convenient access to track selection and mute/solo tracks directly from the Export Audio dialog box.
    • Default 'Export Audio Files' folder path.
    • Improved handling of aux tracks and sidechains when exporting or soloing tracks.
    • Automatic effects tail flushing during export/bounce.
    • Toast notification with link to open export location. Upon export completion, a toast notification appears with a link to open the export location in Windows Explorer.
    • When exporting multiple files as MP3 or Windows Media Advanced Streaming (WMA) format, the Export Options dialog box has a new 'Use These Settings for All' option that lets you apply the same settings to all files instead of prompting for each file.

Misc. enhancements:

  • Improved AudioSnap transient detection. The default transient detection algorithm has been greatly improved to more accurately detect audio transients in a variety of source material. Select among three transient detection methods.
  • Updated Bounce to Track(s) dialog box. The Bounce to Tracks(s) dialog box has been redesigned similar to the Export Audio dialog box.
  • Mackie Control revspread VPot DataType.
  • ASIO driver compatibility checking. If an incompatible ASIO driver is detected, Cakewalk will offer to switch the driver mode to WASAPI.
  • Allow multiple MIDI files to be dragged into a project simultaneously.


  • Export uses significantly less memory and runs faster.
  • Optimizations to speed up project loading with projects containing high track counts.
  • Bounce to clip is faster.


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