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Cockos updates REAPER to v5.78


Cockos has updated REAPER to v5.78.


  • convert automation items to square points when copy/pasting to mute, tempo, or FX bypass envelope and automation item is not pooled.
  • generally prevent curved envelope segments on FX bypass envelopes.

Free item positioning:

  • automatically reposition media items when first setting a track to FIPM.
  • initial vertical positioning, and action to auto-reposition, follows item creation order, similar to ordering when showing overlapping media items in lanes.


  • support third party applications/applescript inserting media with options e.g. "#NOTAB#START:0.5#LENGTH:360.0#/path/to/file".
  • update default FX name filtering.


  • allow running scripts with restricted permissions via "ReaScript: Run [Last] ReaScript..." actions.
  • GetLastTouchedFX () and GetFocusedFX () only succeed if FX is in active project.

Track manager:

  • fix enabling/disabling track FX via track manager mouse sweep.
  • fix selection mirroring when first opening the track manager.

Multichannel audio:

  • properly name single-channel items after "explode by channel" action.


  • fix option to create new project tab when inserting media using "open with..." from explorer/finder.


  • fix automation of diffusion bias knob.


  • increase dither bit width to 1.5 bits.

Take FX:

  • fix take FX automation timing on media items when start in source is not zero and the FX has latency.

Tempo map:

  • fix importing initial time signature from MIDI tempo map.


  • add track height locking.


  • fix forcing a plugin to mono if it supports more than 64 output channels.


  • support third party applications inserting media with options (WM_COPYDATA with dwData=0x100, data e.g. "#NOTAB#START:0.5#LENGTH:360.0#C:\path\to\filename").


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