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Cockos updates REAPER to v5.91


Cockos has updated REAPER to v5.91.


  • ReaScript:
    • add drag and drop receive support with gfx.getdropfile () /gfx_getdropfile ().
    • allow deferred script execution to continue during modal windows triggered by MIDI.
    • fix SnapToGrid () for slightly-offscreen points.
    • StuffMIDIMessage () for control defers to process similar to a hardware MIDI event.
  • Accessibility:
    • improve keyboard navigation for control surface configuration.
    • label AI properties sliders.
  • FX:
    • fix create shortcut for video processors.
    • fix truncated labels for insert chain actions.
  • MusicXML:
    • fix memory error on musicXML import.
    • import files with .musicxml extension as well as .xml.
    • always import MusicXML files to built-in project MIDI, rather than file reference.
  • ReaSurround:
    • fix small UI positioning glitch.
    • fix memory leak.
  • Routing:
    • update affected tracks when adding hardware outputs en masse.
    • repopulate channel selection list when track channel count changes.
  • Guides: optionally do not draw horizontal guides when moving items.
  • MIDI editor: update CC lane combo boxes when loading note names.
  • Render: fix $samplerate wildcard (uses render samplerate rather than audio device rate).
  • Snap: improve item quantize and stretch marker snap behavior near tempo markers.
  • Stability: prevent deadlock when using SetObjectState () with certain state on track FX (SWS issue ID 992).
  • VST: do not inform VST3 of track channel changes by default, allow override for all instances of a plug-in or per-instance with channel count.


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