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Cockos updates REAPER to v5.96


Cockos has updated REAPER to v5.96.


  • MIDI editor:
    • avoid hit testing against notes that begin before the active area of item and end exactly at the active are of item.
    • do not draw notes that begin before the active area of item and end exactly on the start of item.
    • handle notes that begin before start offset when duplicating notes octave down.
    • fix incorrect undo behavior when navigating notes via action and previews disabled.
    • fix issues with paste/duplicate notes and non-1.0 take rates, notes that start at negative project times.
    • fix multi-context selection undo with various actions and mouse behaviors.
    • fix undo for secondary contexts when using [un]select all actions.
    • optimize multi-context undo system.
    • preserve grid-enabled setting when switching contexts.
    • avoid inline editor flicker when resizing content and left edge.
  • Notation:
    • allow editing both start/end of immediately adjacent items.
    • fix chasing of clef to start of media item.
    • fix create tuplet action when not launched via context menu.
    • fix marquee undo for multiple contexts.
    • improve multi-context selection undo behavior when unselecting via select phrase, pedal event, lyric, notation, tuplet, etc.
    • set armed cursor when using armed toolbar action.
    • fix various bugs in tick/QN to measure calculation.
    • update select all notes in staff action description to be more accurate.
  • OSC:
    • fix FX parameter change notifications for last track in bank.
    • send FX parameter state for new plug-ins/loaded project.
    • send an integer value of -1 to fx/@/param in order to end touch state.
    • setting FX parameters always sets touch state, even if value did not change.
    • support receiving large (32KB) OSC bundles.
  • Automation items:
    • fix possible project corruption when moving tracks to subproject.
    • improve selection tracking in undo state.
  • FX:
    • paste after currently selected item in chain rather than at end of list.
    • improve behavior when dragging FX to its existing position.
  • Linux:
    • fix scrollbar in routing/envelope windows.
    • fix slider precise-mode issue.
  • MIDI:
    • fix glitches when editing the left edges of looped MIDI items.
    • fix negative start offset peak drawing issue around tempo changes.
    • fix peak drawing bug with non-1.0 takerate, looping, tempo changes.
  • MusicXML:
    • support .mxl (zip-compressed MusicXML).
    • fix encoding-date month field.
  • Preferences:
    • fix apply button behavior in project backup settings.
    • fix re-enabling of missing MIDI device warnings.
  • Undo:
    • avoid repeatedly trying to reload track/item images after initial failure.
    • avoid unnecessary reload of track panel images.
    • fix loss of item background images.
  • Video:
    • add spherical source mode to 360 panner preset.
    • allowing bypassing DirectShow video output on Windows (slow, but more compatible).
  • VST3:
    • always apply any latent VST3 parameter changes before saving state.
    • fix popup menu position.
  • Actions: add meta-action to toggle following action armed (rather than always arm).
  • Command line: resolve relative pathnames passed on the command line.
  • Item notes: copy notes/images to new item when using pencil-drawing of new items.
  • Localization: fix elastique display on Cyrillic character sets.
  • macOS: remove scrollbar drawing glitches.
  • Performance: avoid loading multiple copies of track icon/media item background/info images.
  • Recording: fix recorded offset of tracks armed during pre-roll.
  • API:
    • fix InsertAutomationItem() undo bug, support creating AI pools with index, trim behind according to preference.
    • [Take|Track]FX_SetParamNormalized() always sets touch state, even if value did not change.
    • add GetAudioDeviceInfo().
    • fix [Take|Track]FX_EndParamEdit() when called immediately following parameter set.


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