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Cockos updates REAPER to v2.017


Cockos has updated REAPER to v2.017.

Changes since v2.015:

  • Holding ctrl when importing MIDI files will force prompting to use any tempo information (normally files with minimal tempo information wont bug you with this).
  • Fixed bug where enabling write automation would reset volume to -inf.
  • Tweaked IIR based resampling filters (for fast+IIR mode).
  • Faster, more effective extreme resampling mode, faster best mode (for sweep tests, peak noise on these is around -140dB and -120dB respectively).
  • ReaStream: copying to reastream.dll reastream_xxx.dll allows you to set max number of channels supported (2-64).
  • JS: @serialize support so JS plugins can save arbitrary data in the project (todo: support sending serialized data via reamote, in presets).
  • JS: memory/variables aren't cleared for effects with @serialize section.
  • JS: removed text mode chain ui for some significant size savings.
  • JS: added extraordinarily fun new effect, sequencer_baby.
  • Improved js gfxanalyzer, added gfxspectrogram, added sine_sweep (useful for testing).
  • Updated some schwa and loser js plugs.
  • Fixed "insert time signature measure from loop selection" for non /4 signatures.
  • FX chain: fixed a possible crash bug when undoing edits.
  • FX chain: fixed short labels when moving items.
  • JS: JS effects can now render their own UIs using code - http://reaper.fm/jsgfx.php for more info.
  • JS: added $xdeadbeef hex support, $'x' for ASCII codes.
  • JS: slider names beginning with - will not be shown in the UI (but still automatable).
  • JS: each effect now has 8 million memory entries (up from 1 million).
  • JS: max FFT size upgraded to 32768 (from 4096).
  • Reaeq: improved phase display (no wrapping).
  • Reaeq: new default band mode, deprecated old mode for compatibility.
  • Reaxcomp: fixed generic ui display.
  • Reacomp: attack and RMS sizes now show an extra digit of precision.
  • Themeing: added tcp_mainbg[sel], [m,t]cp_folderbg[sel] images.
  • Sstillwell/1175: added GR meter.
  • Added gfxanalyzer and gfxscope as basic examples of JS GFX.
  • Added fft_noise_generator as a diagnostic tool (useful with gfxanalyzer).


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