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Cockos updates REAPER to v2.42


Cockos has updated REAPER to v2.42.


  • Wavpack writer: fixed rendering to wrong bit depth bug.
  • Per item custom colors.
  • New actions window for finding actions, defining custom actions, assigning key and controller shortcuts.
  • Dedicated actions menu including recent actions list, optionally some custom actions.
  • Preliminary meta-actions for use within custom actions: prompt to continue, prompt to loop.
  • Meta-actions for modifying midi CCs/mousewheel/etc assignment velocities.
  • Mousewheel is now a mappable shortcut to actions for the main arrange view and midi editor views.
  • MIDI editor: avoid making duplicates when pasting notes.
  • MIDI editor: show loop markers, action to move edit cursor to mouse cursor.
  • MIDI editor: select previous/next/all note(s) with same note value, paste preserving position in measure (ctrl-shift-V).
  • MIDI editor: actions to navigate/select previous/next note (walks through chords).
  • MIDI editor: actions to set loop points, move edit cursor to selection or either end of loop.
  • MIDI editor: new navigate menu, lots of new actions to navigate, select notes, expand selection.
  • MIDI editor: Actions window.
  • New actions: expand selected tracks, minimize all others (default shortcut !), minimize all tracks (@).
  • New actions: halve/double loop (in arrange or MIDI editor view).
  • New actions: mute/unmute (in addition to existing toggle) selected items.
  • New actions: select all items in time selection, or track and time selection.
  • New action: insert 4 envelope points at time selection.
  • Fixed healing splits for items in multi-lane (FIPM) tracks.
  • Fixed midi overdub recording with loop selection autopunch issues.
  • ReWire: improvements (better PT compat), option for alternate configuration file for slave mode.
  • ReWire: fixed loading of MIDI input 8-16 config.
  • ReWire: improved configuration, ReWire->REAPER MIDI routing config.
  • JS: fixed mousewheel in certain JS sliders.
  • JS: new phase_adjust plugin.
  • JS: moved more FX to old_unsupported.
  • VST: patch name box no longer accidentally editable, "rename FXP/FXB" added to patch save/load menu.
  • API: added GetPeaksBitmap, ShowActionList functions.
  • ReaRoute: fixed some race condition issues, and enabled support for win64-Wow64 rearouting on x64 (expect an x64 rearoute.dll soon).
  • Safer waveout/dsound shutdown sequencing (closer to 2.3x).


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