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JUCE announces acquisition by PACE


The JUCE team have announced the acquisition of JUCE by PACE Anti-Piracy Inc.

Here's what they say:

Initially released in 2004, JUCE became part of ROLI Ltd. in 2014. Under ROLI's leadership, JUCE evolved into the primary framework for developing cross-platform audio applications. ROLI also worked with the JUCE team and the vibrant JUCE community to create the Audio Developer Conference, the foremost meeting of audio software and hardware developers.

Roland Lamb, founder and CEO of ROLI, said:

It has been a pleasure and an honor for ROLI to be a steward of JUCE over the last six years. We're really proud of the work we've done to build the framework, grow the community and start ADC. I believe that PACE will be an ideal new home for the framework and the conference. They have a strong track-record of serving developers with essential tools, and Allen is a true technologist who has the leadership vision and technical understanding to help take JUCE to the next level.

PACE specialises in software IP protection and secure licensing, and has been making developer tools for software creators for over 35 years. As PACE's tools are used by a large number of world-class audio software publishers the company understands the importance of JUCE as a foundational piece of industry software infrastructure.

Allen Cronce, founder and CEO of PACE:

I've always had the utmost respect for Jules, his work, and the team he's put together. The JUCE framework is very important to the pro audio community and our customers. We're happy to give the JUCE team a new home and look forward to supporting their continued efforts that make JUCE a world-class application framework.

This acquisition provides JUCE the opportunity to grow further within an entirely developer-focused company, to execute on an ambitious roadmap and continue to serve the needs of the audio developer community.

Jules Storer, founder of JUCE, was closely involved in the process. He said:

ROLI has been a great home for JUCE, helping it grow into one of the most important tools in the audio industry... However, that importance also meant that it began to attract some acquisition offers. Of the many companies who expressed an interest, PACE came out tops for us in terms of what a good owner of JUCE needs to offer: their culture is completely developer-focused, they're a neutral company who are in the licensing business and already have relationships with many JUCE customers, and their motivations for owning it align with those of the JUCE team.

We've been impressed by the depth of the technology they're working on, and we were all very happy to give the go-ahead for this. For me personally, my day-to-day schedule won't change much - I'll still remain at ROLI, mainly working on SOUL, but also advising the JUCE/PACE team.



Discussion: Disabled
22 April 2020 at 3:23pm

What's going on over at Roli? Their acquisitions are being sold off. I thought they were bad to begin with, but now they're selling the acquisitions to even worse/less appropriate owners.

23 April 2020 at 9:10am

Who knows? I own 2 Roli Lightpad Block M and they are fantastic for what they are but I didn't like the software as much as the hardware. MPE is great and the blocks are MPE controllers.

26 September 2021 at 10:23am

As a customer of dozens of plugins from Developers who used JUCE to create them, I find this PACE acquisition rather perturbing. I actively avoid any and all developers who mandate the use of PACE's draconian and customer-unfriendly DRM software systems like iLok.

As a paying customer I enjoy hassle-free protection and activation methods for all of my fast-loading plugins unencumbered by PACE's bloated DRM software. All of my plugins were carefully selected precisely because their developers had no association with PACE/iLok's shenanigans.

If this situation were to ever change in the future due to PACE's takeover of JUCE, I would be absolutely furious and demand a full refund from all of those plugins' developers.

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