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JUCE 4.2 Now Available


JUCE, the a C++ cross-platform framework, has been updated to v4.2.

New features include support for Apple's AudioUnit format on iOS, allowing your iOS apps to be hosted as plug-ins to GarageBand, and more support for iOS and Android development. If you've always wanted to port your existing music apps to mobile devices, there's never been a better time to get started. You can download it from the website, or from GitHub.

Good bye Introjucer, hello Projucer
The Introjucer has been officially retired. To replace it, they've open-sourced most of the Projucer (everything apart from the live-coding engine) so that you can compile it yourself, and this provides all the functionalities that the Introjucer had. The Projucer is free to use, but you need to buy a license to use lice-coding engine.

Get Grapefruit JUCE 4.2 and the Projucer together from $999 or $49.95 per month
They have launched a new, simpler licensing model, which allows indie developers to get JUCE for all platforms and the Projucer for a flat fee of $999, or for a monthly fee of $49.95. Professional users also get a treat, with the price for deploying on iOS and Android decreasing from $999 per platform to $599.

JUCE continues to be free for open source projects and for Education users. The Projucer will be available for Education users at $139 per computer station.

Please visit www.juce.com to discover the new options in more details.



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9 April 2016 at 6:17pm

Projucer is the shiznit...and that 400 off really gave me something to smile about #pro.

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