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JUCE 4.2.4 Now Available - incl. Projucer for Windows; +10 Google Scholarships for ADC


JUCE, the a C++ cross-platform framework, has been updated to v4.2.4. Also, Projucer for Windows is finally available. This is an alpha version, which you can use for free, until the full version comes out. You can update JUCE from GitHub, or by downloading the entire framework from the JUCE website.

The Android audio team is offering 10 scholarships to attend the new Audio Developer Conference for free. Visit the ADC website for full details and to apply for a free ticket (worth £400 / $520 / 470€): www.juce.com/adc-2016

JUCE 4.2.4

Below are the more notable headline features. For more detailed info about minor changes and bug-fixes, please see the git log.

Version 4.2.4:

  • Pre-release of live build engine on Windows.
  • Added FlexBox layout engine.
  • Removed dependency on external Steinberg SDK when building and/or hosting VST2 plug-ins.
  • Added support for MIDI network sessions in the iOS simulator.
  • Added support for symmetric skew to Slider, NormalisableRange and SliderPropertyComponent.
  • Projucer now asks the user what to do when it detects that the .jucer file was modified outside of the Projucer.
  • Improved support for Windows 10 touch devices.
  • Added begin/end iterator methods for ValueTree, for handy range-based-for loops over its children.
  • Added support for recent mingw-w64 compilers.
  • Added useful proportional Rectangle utility methods.
  • Significantly improved the performance of BigInteger.
  • Added support for expiring licenses to juce_tracktion_marketplace.
  • Added support for retina mouse cursors on OS X.
  • Added a new low-quality mode for the CameraDevice.
  • Added pkg-config support for Linux.
  • Projucer will now wrap your AAX plug-in in the bundle format expected Pro Tools on Windows.
  • Multiple bug-fixes for AudioUnit parameter ids.
  • Fixed a bug where AlertWindows weren't always on top.
  • Multiple fixes for web InputStreams.
  • Various improvements to the live build engine.
  • Various minor improvements and bug fixes.
  • Various documentation improvements.

Version 4.2.3:

  • Various VST3 improvements: resizing VST3 windows, plug-in compatibility issues.
  • Use NSURLSession on newer OS X versions.
  • Add compatibility for VST 3 SDK update 3.6.6.
  • Miscellaneous fixes and improvements.

Version 4.2.1:

  • New class CachedValue, for providing easy and efficient access to ValueTree properties.
  • Reduced audio plug-in binary sizes on OS X and added symbol-stripping option.
  • Miscellaneous fixes and improvements.


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