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Raw Material Software releases JUCE v1.45


Raw Material Software has announced the release of JUCE v1.45 which adds audio plug-in hosting to its impressive array of features. Win/Mac VST only initially, with Audio Unit support expected soon.


  • Big new project in the "extras" folder - a basic audio plugin host. Currently it loads VSTs on PC/Mac, and lets you put them together in a filter graph, which it plays. Hosting functionality is very basic at the moment, but I'm laying down a good architecture to hopefully develop into a full cross-platform plugin host.
  • Audio plugins: The AudioFilterBase and AudioFilterEditor classes have moved into the main juce tree, and been renamed as AudioProcessor and AudioProcessorEditor. This means you can remove these files from your plugin projects, and should search-and-replace any instances of the old names with the new ones.
  • Audio plugins: the processBlock() call in AudioFilterBase has been simplified in AudioProcessor. It now just takes a single buffer for all input and output channels, and the accumulate parameter has gone. This will mean tweaking your plugin code, but will probably make it much less complicated.
  • Audio plugins: AudioProcessor requires a few more methods to be implemented by your plugin than AudioFilterBase did: getInputChannelName, getOutputChannelName, isInputChannelStereoPair, isOutputChannelStereoPair, getLatencySamples (which supersedes the old macro for setting the latency). These are all quite simple to add.
  • Audio plugins: new methods AudioProcessor::beginParameterChangeGesture() and endParameterChangeGesture() let you tell the host when a parameter-change action starts and finishes.
  • Audio plugins: new method AudioProcessor::updateHostDisplay() to tell the host that something about your plugin has changed and that it should refresh its display.
  • New class: FileSearchPathListComponent, for letting the user edit a FileSearchPath.
  • New class: FileDragAndDropTarget, which replaces the old method Component::filesDropped. To use it, just make your component inherit from FileDragAndDropTarget, and it'll receive external file drops. This provides more functionality than the old method, allowing you to track the drag enter/exit/movements as well as just reacting to the drop itself.
  • Added a critical section option to ReferenceCountedArray.
  • Refactored and added features to the Socket class, replacing it with StreamableSocket (basically the same as the original class), and DatagramSocket.
  • Refactored the OpenGLComponent, adding new classes OpenGLPixelFormat and OpenGLContext.
  • A component's KeyListeners are now called before its keyPressed method, so if you want to intercept keys and stop them getting sent to the component, you can add a keylistener and consume the events.
  • Added an option to choose a MIDI output device to the AudioDeviceManager and AudioDeviceSelectorComponent.
  • Updated the included version of libpng.


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