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Magix releases Sequoia and Samplitude v9.0


Magix has released versions 9.0 of Sequoia and Samplitude.

Key new features in Sequoia 9 / Samplitude 9:

  • Video Engine (Sequoia only): The newly integrated video engine allows you to include individual video objects.
  • Hybrid Audio Engine: A special combination of a new Low Latency Engine and the classic playback engine.
  • Economy Track: You can setup a track as an Economy Track to save system resources.
  • Advanced Dual CPU Support: Sequoia / Samplitude support multi-CPU/multi-core/HT PCs by distributing the load for various tasks to different CPUs.
  • Track Editor: Located at the left side of the arrangement window the Track Editor enables access to all important track parameters of the selected track.
  • Mono Settings dialog: The Mono button in the Track Editor switches the track to mono (from Input to Panorama Controller).
  • New Effect presets: The "FX" button in the Track Editor and Mixer opens dialogs for specifying the order of the effects and adding VST/DirectX plug-ins.
  • Score Editor: The Score Editor displays the score of a MIDI track in realtime.
  • am-phibia: am-phibia is a tube amplifier/channel strip and belongs to the Analog Modelling Suite of the MAGIX Plug-ins alongside the well-known am-track and am-pulse.
  • VariVerb Pro: Reverb device that creates classic and modern, artifact-like reverb effects such as room, plate, spring an non-linear reverb.
  • de-esser: With the de-esser you can conveniently and quickly remove the "S" sounds from vocal recordings.
  • VSTi Manager: In the VSTi Manager you can sort, manage, instance and delete VST instruments.
  • Sample Tank LE: Sample Tank 2.1 LE from IK Multimedia is included as an external VST instrument.
  • Auto Jam Session: The Auto JamSession lets you create complete songs single-handedly.
  • Sound Cloner: With the Sound Cloner feature you can determine the sound characteristic of a song and transfer it to another one.
  • Spectral Cleaning: Spectral Cleaning removes noise from a recording without audibly influencing the wanted signal.
  • New surround characteristics: Surround DeHisser, surround vocoder, surround volume fader in the VIP scales all surround channels, surround volume automation in the VIP, surround bounce interleaved now with wave format - Extensible chunk: the surround visualization is opened in surround projects without stereo master (preset).
  • Enhanced automation including AUX: In addition to the volume and panorama automation you can now also dynamically record the AUX input in the Mixer and Track Editor while the automation button is activated.
  • Improvements and additions to the internal audio effects: UTR - "Ultra Transparent Resampling": New resampling algorithm for considerably faster and even better linear-phase high-quality resampling, new timestretching/pitch-shifting algorithm: "Beatmarker Timestretching smoothened", non-modal FX dialogs, room simulator and multiband effects: Optimization for Low Latency use, integrated harmonizer for Elastic Audio, and much more.
  • Advanced effects/VST support: Supports VST WaveShell including automation, object effect support: object delay/reverb effect, VST & DirectX plug-ins available within the object as pre/post, improved parameter resolution for VST automation, new options for creating 24-bit FX files for destructive effects.
  • More new features: Burning MP3 CDs, project export as an AAC file, record mode: new preset "default mode (playback while recording", new tree structure for system and project options, advanced controller support.
  • Audio ID: Music identification process provided by M2Any. Analyzes the music track and submits a search request to a web server.


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