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Cockos releases REAPER v1.0.9


Cockos has updated REAPER to v1.09

Changes since v1.05:

  • Winamp visualization plugin support.
  • Updated ctrl+[] to use all items if no item selected.
  • Sinks now remember their last used settings and default to them when selected.
  • Fixed bug where loaded keymap would not be saved to config for next run.
  • Seek on item edit option with preroll configuration.
  • Preroll configuration for seek on loop selection.
  • Reduced volume of demo project.
  • Removed "flush track bufs on edit" option.
  • Option to try to avoid UAD-1 cpu munch (prefs/VST).
  • Made installer not overwrite keymaps/themes if newer versions installed.
  • Optimized locking behavior when splitting and many other actions.
  • Fixed looping glitch on pitched/stretched items.
  • Ctrl+,. and ctrl+alt+,. now nudge the left and right edges of the loop selection.
  • Actions (ctrl+[]) to navigate edges of selected items.
  • Made marker nav [] keys navigate (but not seek) when recording.
  • Fixed bugs in marker nav [], and made it include loop selection in the list.
  • Included olzzon's Danish and German keyboard maps.
  • ReaFir v0.9 with new convolve L/R mode.
  • Uninstaller will notify user that files were left in the REAPER directory.
  • Greatly optimized peaks/waveform drawing.
  • Fixed JS requiring newline at end of last line in file.
  • Mixer folder icons now correctly use themed icons.
  • Fixes to the way fx chain/floating windows are titled (they should always be updated correctly now).
  • Adjusting item volume/fades on other tracks changes track selection (if this bothers enough people we can make it optional).
  • Alt+space action plays skipping loop selection.
  • Cleaned up some internal playback looping logic to enable the above.
  • Changed track insert behavior to select inserted track.
  • VST: fixed vst time info for /8 projects etc (big thanks to rayzoon).
  • MIDI editor/media explorer play buttons highlight when playing.
  • UI image set support, color themes can specify which images they prefer.
  • The default icons are included in ColorThemes\default_ui\.
  • For an annoying icon set: http://reaper.fm/files/reaper106-blurry.zip (extract to colorthemes\).


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