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Mobius updated to v1.22

Circular Labs

Jeff Larson has released version 1.22 of Mobius.

The major new feature in this release is Track Groups. Track groups are similar to the existing focus lock feature but more powerful. When tracks are assigned to groups, a function performed in one track can automatically be performed in all other tracks in the same group. MIDI continuous controllers may also be bound to a new set of track group controls so that the output level, feedback, and pan of all tracks in a group may be set at the same time.

The way MIDI continuous controllers are assigned has been redesigned and a new concept called "Controls" has been introduced. A "Control" is a mobius parameter that may have a large range of values. Controls are bound to MIDI events in the MIDI Control dialog similar to the way functions are bound. All MIDI binding is now done in the MIDI Control dialog and stored in the mobius.xml file, there is no more Tracks dialog that stored MIDI bindings in the project files which was a source of confusion.

If you had previously assigned track controllers in the initial project, these will be automatically converted to the new format, but only for the default project. If you have created your own named projects that contain track controller bindings, these cannot be converted to the new format.

A new global parameter named "Group and Focus Lock Functions" allows you to specify the functions that will obey focus lock and track groups. For example, you may want the Next Loop function to obey track groups, but not the Record or Overdub functions.



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