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Nikolozi Updates Mela to v5.0 Introducing New Modules and Business Model


Nikolozi has updated Mela, their modular AUv3 plug-in for iOS and macOS, to version 5.0.

As part of the 5.0 update Mela's business model is changing. Major versions will no longer be released as separate apps but instead, Mela 5 will simply replace Mela 4, retaining its App Store ranking as well as user reviews. You'll just receive updates without needing to look for the next major version on the App Store.

New Business Model

  • Mela is now a free downloadable app on the App Store.
  • Modules are now organised into collections.
  • Collection 0 is free, providing new users with the opportunity to test out Mela's features.
  • Collections 1 to 3 can be purchased via in-app purchases.
  • Collections 1 and 2 contain all modules that shipped with Mela 4.x updates and therefore they will be unlocked for free to the Mela 4 users.
  • Collection 3 contains new modules and more will be added as part of Mela 5.x updates.
  • That means you can purchase it now and have new modules appear unlocked as they become available.
  • All other feature updates will be free, including updates to the modules you already own.
  • If you are a Mela 4 user and for some reason don't see Collections 1 and 2 unlocked tap on "Restore Purchases".

New Modules

Digital Delay Module:

  • A delay effect with straight repeats and ping-pong options.
  • You can let the delayed signal accumulate by setting the Feedback parameter above 100%.
  • To keep it under control the feedback signal is hard-clipped above +6dBFS.
  • The Clip indicator will light up when this happens.
  • This feature can be used creatively to achieve interesting results.
  • The delay time is tempo-syncable with the usual parameter controls.
  • The feedback signal goes through low-pass and high-pass filters before it's sent to the output.

Simple LFO Module:

  • Simple LFO is a simplified version of the LFO and Random modules.
  • The waveform options include all classic shapes as well as Random Glide and Random Hold.
  • The modulation signal only retriggers on note-on events if the module is inserted on an instrument lane. On MIDI and audio lanes, it's free running.
  • Depending on the selected waveform, the signal is either unipolar or bipolar.

Dual Pan Module:

  • The module lets you pan left and right channel signals independently.

  • It can be used to create interesting stereo effects.
  • The module is also useful for swapping stereo channels or converting a stereo signal to mono.

Mid-Side Module:

  • The module lets you control the mid-side balance of a stereo signal.
  • It can be used to process mid and side signals separately before recombining them.
  • At 0%, the signal is passed through unaltered.
  • At -100%, the side signal is removed, and only the mid signal is output.
  • At +100%, the mid signal is removed, and only the side signal is output.
  • Note that converting the side signal to mono will result in silence.

Stereo Pan Module:

  • The module lets you position left and right channel signals in the stereo field.

  • Its Pan parameter sets the centre position of the stereo spread, whereas the Spread parameter sets the maximum stereo spread amount.
  • The panner graph displays where the left and right channels are placed in the stereo field.
  • Drag it horizontally or vertically to adjust the Pan or Spread parameter correspondingly. Double-tap the graph to reset the parameters to their default values.

Phase Inverter Module:

  • The module lets you invert the phase of the left and right channels independently.

Balance Module:

  • Renamed the Panner module to Balance.
  • While the module acts like a panner for mono signals, for stereo it simply adjusts levels of left and right signals.
  • You can use the new Stereo Pan or Dual Pan module for true stereo panning.

Other Changes

  • The "Get in touch" and "Email Nikolozi" buttons now offer 3 options to contact me: Open Mail App, Copy Email Address and Use Online Form.
  • The Open Mail App option will launch your system's default mail client.
  • The module help view's footer now displays its release date as well as the collection the module is part of.
  • Added some presets to the Audio FX group.
  • Improved the look of graphs of various modules.
  • Adjusted the thickness of the parameter title and value fonts.
  • Adjusted the help view's font styles.
  • Updated the Getting Started document.
  • Renamed the Filter module to VA Filter. The new name is more descriptive.
  • Fixed an issue where drag-and-drop modulation didn't work with the modules that were on a duplicated lane.
  • Mela plug-ins were renamed to Mela 5. If Logic Pro for Mac is still showing Mela 4 run Full Audio Unit Reset via Logic Pro's Plug-in Manager.
  • Removed the workaround for error alerts for macOS / MacCatalyst, as it's no longer required.
  • Fixed modules' content being slightly off-centre.

Download the update from the App Store.



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