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PreSonus updates Studio One to v4.1.2


PreSonus has updated Studio One to v4.1.2.

New features and Improvements:

  • AAF export now compatible with Digital Performer 9 (legacy mode).
  • AAF volume automation support for Pro Tools.
  • Alternative incremental workflow for Song Versions.
  • Quantize Macros now work without forced Auto-Quantize.
  • Safety query for resetting recent song list.
  • Tempo Warp in arrangement now updates the editor display.
  • Better error handling in case of product activation failure.

The following issues have been fixed:

  • Groove Quantize always affects velocity.
  • Sustain parameter is continuous for stock instruments.
  • Drawing Automation backwards doesn't work correctly.
  • Tempo ramp causes audio artifacts.
  • [AAF] Event gain not translating into Pro Tools clip gain.
  • Wrong English translation "Quintole" and "Septole".
  • [Impact XT] Clear Bank and Pad do not clear parameters.
  • In certain cases, Melodyne won't sync to Song tempo.
  • [Tempo Track] 'Delete Range' inserts unwanted Time Signature change.
  • Relative movement of two adjacent notes no longer possible.
  • Inconsistency when using "Select Notes...> Select at interval" command.
  • Notes played in precount/preroll have incorrect length when recorded.
  • Timestretching kills transients when Tempo Track is used.
  • Notes recorded before active loop are shifted to left locator.
  • Redraw error in Pattern Editor controller lanes.
  • IR Maker help page text not legible.
  • [macOS] Remove "Release audio device in background" option (Windows-only feature).
  • [macOS] Some keyboard shortcuts ignored when editing text in Track or Channel Name field.
  • [macOS] Holding cmd+w opens multiple dialogues, crashes on confirmation.
  • Splice license conflict w/ previous Artist activation on same account.
  • Crash on hitting "Return" key when assigned to Navigation > Enter.
  • Waveform graphics rendered with half-sample offset on bounce.
  • Track notes don't persist through transform operations.
  • "Delete external device" dialog lacks confirmation.
  • Mouse scrolling doesn't work on mixer inserts.
  • Crash when switching editor from melodic mode to drum mode at small window sizes.
  • Right-click mouse state not reset when loading a song version from recent list.
  • Freeze on zooming beat-linear audio parts in and out repeatedly.
  • Switching to another Song Version can break the Project < > Song connection.
  • When the editor is detached, deletion of selected notes will delete containing part.
  • [Scratch Pad] note length value jumps to unexpected value while modifying in Inspector.
  • Wrong Track order when duplicating Track with mouse.
  • Crash when opening "Tracks" node in file browser on certain songs.
  • MIDI Markers not embedded into MIDI files (when using "Save As").
  • Warp Marker editing causes glitches.
  • Exchange update button hard to read in light mode.
  • Unwanted scrolling in arrangement when editing Event in Folder Track.
  • Crash on 'Select from event till end'.
  • Crash when removing Splitter from fx chain.
  • Ripple Edit in Folder causes Track to shift.
  • "Split At Grid" broken when Event is located at a specific position.
  • [Project Page] Album / Artist text fields lacking contrast on edit when light theme is used.


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