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Propellerhead Software releases Europa Spectral Wavetable Synth VST/AU Plug-in

Reason Studios

Propellerhead Software has announced that Reason's flagship Europa spectral wavetable synthesizer is now available as a standalone VST/AU plugin for Mac OS X and Windows.


  • Three spectral engines, with independent level, pan and filter routing.
  • For each engine:
    • Continuously shapeable waveform, with phase sync.
    • 34 wave and wavetable selections.
    • Two waveform modifiers, with 32 modifier types.
    • Spectral Filter with 15 filter and resonator modes.
    • Harmonics processor.
    • Unison section with stereo spread, transpose and phase modes.
  • User Wave loading for using samples as wavetables or Spectral Filter curves.
  • Main multimode filter with nine filter types and overdrive.
  • Amp section with separate ADSR envelope.
  • Four multi-stage, loopable, graphic envelopes with curve presets and free drawing.
  • Envelope curves can be used as Engine waveforms or Spectral Filter curves.
  • Three syncable LFOs with 10 waveforms.
  • Comprehensive modulation routing, with 15 fixed destinations plus Mod Matrix.
  • Master Effect section:
    • Effects can be reordered freely.
    • Effect parameters can be modulated from any source.
    • Distortion with 6 modes, including S/H and ring modulation.
    • Chorus/Flanger/Phaser with stereo spread.
    • Parametric EQ.
    • Compressor.
    • Syncable delay with ping-pong panning.
    • Reverb with modulatable decay time.
  • 500+ patches by well-known sound designers.
  • 60 included additional wavetables and samples.

For a limited-time only, save 34% off Europa. Propellerhead is offering Europa for $99 USD / €99 EUR until June 30, 2018. All Reason 10 owners will get the Europa VST/AU plugin free.





Discussion: Active
31 May 2018 at 10:51am

The online demo of Europa is great, but I wanted to try it in my DAW. So, after being compelled to create an account for getting the trial - I think that any user account to get a DEMO is simply an annoyance. If the software were free, then yes, it would be legitimate to get my email in exchange for giving away the software. But trying to socialize with me before I may BUY something - that is far from client-friendly. Remember that this is a product amongst thousands of others alike and it doesn't exactly revolutionize the market.
Thus, I am won't try out this synth and consequently won't buy it, until the demo download is available unrestricted.

7 June 2018 at 1:04pm

So... Do they have retina support on their Audio Unit plugin?

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