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ROLI release Orchestral Ensembles for Equator 2 and ROLI Studio


ROLI have released Orchestral Ensembles, an MPE enabled Orchestral sound library for their Equator 2 and ROLI Studio instruments.

Orchestral Ensembles features over 50 MPE and standard MIDI string, woodwind, and brass sounds — plus presets that blend all three together to recreate the swell of an entire orchestra.

A String ensemble of 18 players, a Brass ensemble of 12 players and a Woodwind ensemble of 11 players were captured in detail for the library in a unique seating arrangement in order of pitch in the stereo field. This unique arrangement suits sounds destined for a keyboard or Seaboard, as the pitch and position match a grand piano (with the low instruments on the left and higher instruments on the right-hand side).

The sessions were recorded with over 20 microphones, including a Neumann M150 decca tree setup, DPA 4006 and Sennheiser MKH20 room mics, as well as Neumann, Schoeps, Coles and Royer close mics before being mixed together.

Orchestral Ensembles is available for $60 now from roli.com.




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