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JUCE updated to v5.3.0 - 30 new tutorials, OBOE support (Android) and hosted plug-in parameters


ROLI / The JUCE Team have updated JUCE to v5.3.0 with 30 new tutorials, OBOE support (Android) and hosted plug-in parameters.

Tutorials and documentation

Updated learning resources includes a comprehensive list of new tutorials. You will find in-depth explanations for features such as the DSP module, Analytics, In-App Purchases and many more.

Android Oboe Support (developer preview) .

Android Oboe is a C++ library developed by Google and aimed at improving audio performance on Android. Released as a developer preview library, it is compatible with Android Jelly Bean and beyond. Oboe will run on 99% on Android devices, which guarantees that your app will get the best possible performance available on your targeted devices. Note that Android audio performance vary from one device to another. Check ROLI's in-depth study for more details.

Hosted plug-in parameters

Whether you are writing a plug-in yourself or hosting a plug-in, JUCE's new overhauled generic plug-in UI will create a UI that is bespoke to your plug-in (or the plug-in that you are hosting). JUCE will automatically create UI controls tailored to each of your plug-in's parameters taking into account the parameter's type, range, label and more. Find out more.

Share code more easily with our new PIP files

Projucer Instant Project (PIP) files are header files that can be dragged and dropped into the Projucer, to build an entire JUCE project with only a main Component class, facilitating the process of sharing code examples and tutorials. Learn more.

JUCE 5.3 includes 200+ new features and bug fixes, see the full list here.



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