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JUCE updated to v5.3.1


ROLI / The JUCE Team have updated JUCE to v5.3.1.

Changes in v5.3.1:

  • Add Android and iOS support to AudioPluginHost.
  • Added support for Bela in the form of an AudioIODeviceType.
  • Add bypass support to both hosting and plug-in client code.
  • Added an isBoolean flag to APVTS parameters.
  • Re-worked plug-in wrappers to all use new parameter system via LegacyAudioParameter wrapper class.
  • Fixed an issue where opening the same MIDI device twice would cause a crash on Windows.
  • Deprecated MouseInputSource:hasMouseMovedSignificantlySincePressed () and replaced with more descriptive methods.
  • Added support for relative or special path symbolic links when compressing/uncompressing zip archives and creating/reading files.
  • Ensured that File:replaceInternal does not fail with ACL errors on Windows.
  • Merged-in some Ogg-Vorbis security fixes.
  • Fixed a bug which would prevent a SystemTrayIconComponent from creating a native popup window on macOS.
  • Various Android and iOS fixes.
  • Added a "PIP Creator" utility tool to the Projucer.
  • Added options for setting plugin categories and characteristics with MultiChoicePropertyComponent in the Projucer.
  • Fixed a Projucer bug where the OS X base SDK version was not being set.
  • Added a command-line option to use LF as linefeeds rather than CRLF in the Projucer cleanup tools.
  • Multiple documentation updates.


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