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JUCE updated to v5.3.2


ROLI / The JUCE Team have updated JUCE to v5.3.2.

Changes in v5.3.2:

  • Removed the OS X 10.5 and 10.6 deployment target options from the Projucer and enabled more C++11 features across all platforms.
  • Replaced all usage of ScopedPointer with std:unique_ptr.
  • Added camera support for iOS and Android.
  • Fixed some issues using an UndoManager with an AudioProcessorValueTreeState.
  • Added MIDI input to IAA plug-ins.
  • Made multiple calls to MIDIInput:openDevice share the same underlying win32 MIDI handle.
  • Added a config flag to juce_audio_processors for enabling LADSPA plugin hosting and enabled it in the AudioPluginHost.
  • Added a "plug-in can do" callback to the VSTCallbackHandler interface.
  • Fixed various undefined behavior in SIMDRegister.
  • Added the methods AudioBlock:copyTo/AudioBlock:copyFrom which facilitate copying to/from an AudioBuffer.
  • Added a lambda callback to OpenGLGraphicsContextCustomShader to allow custom set-up when the shader is activated.
  • Fixed a bug causing an unintentional menu item highlight disco party when using a popup menu in a plug-in's UI.
  • Marked as deprecated: String:empty, var:null, File:nonexistent, ValueTree:invalid and other problematic statically-initialised null values.


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