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JUCE updated to v5.2.1 and MPE class updated


ROLI / The JUCE Team have updated JUCE to v5.2.1 and announced, to celebrate MPE (MIDI Polyphonic Expression) being officially approved by the MIDI Manufacturers Association, the release of a fully updated MPE class.

JUCE's MPE classes allow audio developers to build software that will be compatible with MPE controllers like the Seaboard. You will find the updated implementation on GitHub here.

To get started, check the tutorial Introduction to MPE and learn more about the latest changes in the tutorial MPE zones and zone layouts.

This new milestone lays the foundation for new expressive software and hardware to be built, growing the list of software, synthesisers and instruments that have recently adopted MPE.

Notable changes in JUCE v5.2.1:

  • Added native content sharing support for iOS and Android.
  • Added iOS and Android native file chooser support.
  • Implemented WebBrowserComponent on Android.
  • Added SystemStats:getDeviceManufacturer ().
  • Ensured that JUCE will always use the high-performance audio path on Android if the device supports it.
  • Added memory warning callbacks on iOS.
  • Refactored iOSAudioDevice to support multi-channel audio devices and improve the handling of sample rate changes from other apps.
  • Added SidePanel and BurgerMenu component classes.
  • Added PushNotifications support on OS X.
  • Added support for VST3 SDK 3.6.8.
  • Added support for loading VST3 preset files.
  • Added higher-order ambisonics support.
  • Added thread safe methods for getting and setting the AudioProcessorValueTreeState state.
  • Cleanup and refactoring work on the AudioProcessorGraph and the audio plugin host demo.
  • Changed the default language standard for new projects from C++11 to C++14 and set all JUCE projects to use C++14.
  • Made the ScopedPointer interface more compatible with std:unique_ptr.
  • Changed Windows projects to use dynamic runtime linking by default.
  • Added lambda callbacks to ListenerList, Slider, Button, Label, ComboBox and TextEditor.
  • Fixed the live-build engine on Windows.
  • Multiple DSP module fixes and features.
  • Multiple threading and undefined behaviour fixes and improvements.
  • Various graphics optimisations.
  • Multiple Projucer UI and UX improvements.
  • Various documentation tweaks and fixes.


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