Seaweed Audio

Seaweed Audio has updated Fathom Synth to v2.21.


  • Added support for Microtuning.
  • Tuning profiles can be read from both file formats Scala.scl and AnaMark.tun. Tuning files are selected and loaded in the same way that presets are loaded.
  • Microtuning provides user defined scales with varying note frequencies as well as different notes per scale. Drag and drop of tuning files into the main view is also supported. Tuning profiles can be saved and loaded per preset or globally.
  • Redesigned the preset loading system. The preview mechanism has been changed so that there are no gaps in audio when the user is stepping through presets.
  • The preset file is now parsed in a host user interface worker thread which does not interfere with the processor audio. Then after the new preset is loaded into memory the processor switches immediately from the old audio engine to the new one between sample blocks so there is no break in the audio.
  • Made numerous improvements to modulation timing. Rewrote sections of code in the modulation processor to improve the timing accuracy when modulator periods are modulated by other modulators, as well as the Random Sample and Hold modulator when the timing envelope is employed.


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