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Seaweed Audio updates Fathom Synth to v2.25.6

Seaweed Audio

Seaweed Audio has updated Fathom Synth to v2.25.6 adding drag and drop modulators and real-time modulated filter graphs. Modulators can now be dragged directly onto a dial in order to add a modulation. We also added the ability to save and load modulators.


  • Added click and drag modulators. Modulators can now be dragged from the audio components list directly onto a dial to add a modulation.
  • Added the ability to save modulators to file.
  • Added the new modulator category to the left side drag window Audio Component list.
  • Added real time modulation graph updating for all filter graphs.
  • Reviewed the performance of all filter graph code. Filter graph CPU performance now runs four times faster than previously.
  • Improved note decay processing for all the master effects including all reverbs, the fractal reverb and digital delay. Changed all master effects processors so that they are smart enough to turn off the effect internally when the decay volume reaches a steady state amplitude of zero.
  • Added Multi-Threaded Processor setting to the settings page for use by Reaper and Mac OS X users.
  • Fixed the wave table and filter graphs so they are more accurate for fast notes and all polyphonic scenarios.
  • Change the smooth envelope feature so that it is mathematically correct for all possible combinations of envelope amplitude, release amplitude and note off amplitude.
  • Previously the smooth envelope algorithm could not handle the case when a modulator is added to a filter cutoff and the modulator type is set to add. In this case the cutoff frequency was dropping below the dial value. The new version correctly manages the modulation amplitude maintaining it above the dial value.
  • Changed the smooth envelope feature so it can handle the modulate types subtract and bipolar correctly.
  • Fixed a bug in the envelope graph which occurred if there is one segment and the last point of the segment is dragged to the far left creating a zero width segment which caused the envelope to disappear.
  • Fixed a bug in the chorus units which caused clicking when the host transport is started and delay buffers are not cleared.
  • Fixed a modulator timing bug which caused envelope timing to be off if the period is modulated by another modulator and a note is played manually.
  • Fixed a bug in the modulation system which caused the oscillator detune stereo dial to get stuck on mono if it was modulated.


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