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Seaweed Audio updates Fathom to v2.29

Seaweed Audio

Seaweed Audio has updated Fathom to v2.29 which features log scale frequency dials, a real-time modulator envelope position bar and a 50% CPU improvement on all Filter processors.

Changes in v2.29:

  • 50% CPU performance improvement on all Filters.
  • Rewrote all filter processing code. The new algorithm processes each sample block inside the filter class instead of calling into the filter every sample. To test this we created a preset composed of a single oscillator and all remaining signal flow positions filled with low pass filters. In Ableton a ten note chord sequence was played on two tracks using Fathom versions 2.27 and 2.29. The CPU on the first track registers at 82% and on the second track 48% which is a 58% improvement.
  • Added Filter Frequency Log Scale setting. The new setting provides user control over all filter frequency dials which can be placed in one of three modes: Linear Scale, Log Scale, or an intermediate scale between Linear and Log.
  • Added a real-time modulator position line to all envelope, sequencer and LFO graphs.
  • Added setting "Envelope Time Animation" to enable or disable the real time modulator position line.
  • Fixed host automation of all filter frequency dials so the host range translates well to the dial range for both linear and log scale.
  • Fixed all reverb units so the note gate ramp function works correctly after a new preset is loaded.
  • Fixed fraction dials so the lowest value does not stick on zero when the mouse wheel is moved.
  • Fixed the interface so updates from host automation do not prevent other dials from being selected.
  • Fixed all parametric filters so they are stable at low values of resonance. This includes filters embedded in other objects such as the digital delay, reverb and phasor units.
  • Fixed Bug 0193 NI Machine crashes after hitting the reset button.
  • Fixed Bug 0194 Logic Pro crashes after deleting the variable order filter.

Changes in v2.28:

  • Fixed the LFO Draw modulator so the correct timing is calculated from the song beats per minute when a host project is first loaded.
  • Fixed the oscillator AM processor so the output is oriented correctly for all possible values of the AM control dials, including Algorithm, Direction and Amount.
  • Fixed host automation of the glide dial so it works correctly when the GUI is closed.
  • Fixed the modulator list so that when a modulator is deleted in the left side window it deletes the selected modulator instead of deleting the selected audio unit.
  • Fixed the modulator list so that the keyboard tracking modulator displays the correct buttons, including copy, save and delete.
  • Fixed the GUI so that after a modulation is deleted it returns to the previously displayed audio unit panel instead of reverting to the global panel.
  • Fixed the GUI so that after an oscillator unit is clicked in the signal flow view the correct page select button is highlighted.
  • Fixed the audio unit icon graphics so the text is clearly visible when their state is changed to bypass (green) and disable (red).
  • Fixed the mouse wheel range for modulated bipolar dials. Dials such as pitch fine, pitch note and pitch octave will now move by the correct increment values when they are modulated and the connected modulation amount dial is moved with the mouse wheel.


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