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Seaweed Audio updates Fathom to v2.24

Seaweed Audio

Seaweed Audio has updated Fathom to v2.24, which includes important CPU efficiency improvements and bug fixes for REAPER and other DAWs.


  • Added a smooth spectrum setting.
  • Added a setting which enables the user to control whether presets files are loaded in the UI thread or the processor thread.
  • Fixed a bug in the preset browser which caused the loading of presets to fail if a row in the list is double clicked while the preview button is enabled.
  • Moved FFT calculations for the main spectrum graph from the processor thread to the UI thread.
  • Fixed the modulation amount dial so that the mouse wheel and mouse click step values are synchronized to the precision of the target dial.
  • Fixed the wave draw Gaussian filter frequency dial so the step values of the logarithmic frequency scale align with the graph lines.
  • Fixed a bug in the envelope class which caused the segment points to be corrupted after a segment is added by dragging the first envelope point.
  • Improved the way envelope segment points are initialized in the envelope view when the middle point of a segment is clicked and the segment type is changed.
  • Fixed a bug in the spectrum graph processing which caused audio stuttering in Reaper.
  • Improved efficiency of wave table 3D graphs to avoid audio stuttering in REAPER.
  • Changed the processor internal threading to eliminate audio stuttering in REAPER.
  • Fixed the wave table 3D graphs so they are not updated unless something has changed.


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