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Soundemote updates PrettyScope to v1.2.0


Soundemote has updated PrettyScope to v1.2.0.

New Features:

  • New Sync modes: Left / Right / L + R.
  • New AutoPause mode: "Mouse", automatically pause PrettyScope when mouse is not in use, allowing you to more easily "paint with sound".
  • 1D Zoom/Offset: horizontal zoom & offset sliders for 1D mode.
  • AudioFX Mode: what you see is what you hear, X/Y parameters such as zoom/scale/position/etc. affects the incoming audio and sent as the output. A clipper is added to protect your equipment. Will add creative clipping controls in a future update.
  • Parameter Smoothing slider for X/Y parameters.
  • Clear canvas button.
  • Canvas/Mouse Funcionality: Double-Left-Click to show/hide controls, a nice step toward full screen mode.
  • Canvas/Mouse Funcionality: Mousewheel for zoom in/out, add Shift to fine tune.
  • Canvas/Mouse Funcionality: Left-Click-Drag to move x/y position of image, add shift to fine tune. Ctrl to reset x/y/zoom. Alt to jump x/y value to mouse.
  • Canvas/Mouse Funcionality: Right-Click-Drag to affect 1d zoom/offset, add Ctrl to reset, add Alt to jump value to mouse.

Bug Fixes:

  • Slider value no longer jumps around when shift+drag fine tuning.

Known Issues:

  • PrettyScope's canvas is limited to one 1/4 corner for retina displays.
  • PrettyScope does not run in Logic due to plugin validation failure.
  • PrettyScope does not run with AMD Radeon HD 6700 video card.
  • PrettyScope parameter modulation does not work in Studio One.


Discussion: Active
5 September 2017 at 4:04pm

Hey, .

Let me just say that prettyscope is super cool.

Awesome work.


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