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Synth-Presets releases "Extraordinary Spaces" Vol.3 for Eventide Blackhole - 50% intro special


Synth-Presets has released Extraordinary Spaces Vol.3 for Eventide Blackhole.

Vol. 3 focuses on Blackhole's tempo and automation capabilities. The largest of the 3 volumes, it includes 170 presets with a plethora of completely new categories including:

  • Vintage Delays.
  • Vintage Chorus.
  • Dub Delays.
  • Studio Closets.
  • Complex Delay Mods.
  • Floating Verbs.
  • Ribbon Wha's.
  • Smooth Flow.
  • Snare Thruster.
  • Syncopated Delays with feedback ribbon controls.
  • Tempo Plates.
  • Underground.
  • Vintage Boxes.
  • Water Verbs.
  • Set of tempo controlled Presets.

Many of these categories focus on tempo control, allowing for rhythmic effects not available in previous Volumes. The ribbon control has been extensively mapped to allow for some complex production techniques to be used.

Price: $19.98 - Save 50% this week (30% after for 1 week). Buy now and get Extraordinary Spaces Vol.3 for half price.




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