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SynthFont updated to v1.602; VSTSynthFont updated to v1.070

Kenneth Rundt

SynthFont and VSTSynthFont have both been updated.

Bug fixes in SynthFont v1.602:

  • In version 1.601, layer tracks were not correctly read from the Arrangement (due to the fix for Audio file tracks).

Bug fixes in SynthFont v1.601:

  • The standard Delphi 2010 TUpDown controller has a bug making it virtually useless. This is now replaced by another UpDown controller.
  • Audio file tracks were not correctly read from the Arrangement.
  • The Unicode support introduced with Delphi 2010 caused the Dynamic Data Exchange functions not to work.
  • Some other minor bugs, flaws and irregularities fixed.

Changes in VSTSynthFont v1.070:

  • Support for SFZ files.
  • Compiled with a newer Delphi compiler.
  • A number of bugs fixed.


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