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TBProAudio updates ABLM to v2.0 - simple GUI (+scaling), updated auto-linking & inverse matching, and Apple M1 support


TBProAudio has released ABLM v2.0, which comes now with a simple GUI, free GUI scaling, revised auto-linking, inverse loudness matching and support for the latest Apple macOS and M1 hardware.

The simple GUI allows the user to concentrate on the most important ABLM functions. Now the user can detect even faster the impact of a parameter change of the plugin on the sound. And that without the mistake "louder is better".

The auto-linking is now much more robust and works in all DAWs. Now the user can create and configure much faster entire cascades of ABLM pairs.

The inverse match function has been revised. Now the sender loudness is adjusted to the receiver loudness. This is an important function for the mastering process.

Important Note: AAX Mac is temporarily unavailable until AAX support for Big Sur/Apple Silicon arrives. Pro Tools users should continue using ABLM V1.x until further notice.

New features:

  • Simple GUI.
  • Free GUI scaling.
  • Robust auto-linking.

Existing features:

  • Match pre and post-FX loudness.
  • Match pre-FX loudness with reference level.
  • 3 loudness match modes: manual, auto and gain stage.
  • FX chain drive.
  • Up to 256 sender/receiver pairs including auto channel set/link.
  • Automatic latency measurement/compensation.
  • 4 measurement modes: RMS, RMS +3dB, EBU R128 SL, EBU R128 ML.
  • Adjustable RMS measurement window.
  • Intelligent bypass.
  • Delta monitoring (sender receiver difference signal).
  • Global activate/deactivate, match mode, ABFX, drive and delta monitoring.
  • 4 snapshot slots.

The update is free for all current ABLM customers.



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