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Our company develops audio tools which helps music producers to make their job quicker and better. We are using latest algorithms and standards (e.g. EBU R128) to let our customers deliver best quality. Our tools are developed by musicians for musicians.

TBProAudio Team.

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Reviewed By alee190 [all]
September 27th, 2022
Version reviewed: 2.7 on Windows

I was looking for a plugin to help me be more accurate while mixing. Came across this free plugin on instagram.

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Reviewed By FarleyCZ [all]
April 20th, 2022
Version reviewed: 3.6 on Windows

Ok, let's face it, most people will get this as a cheeper alternative to Soothe. But honestly, I think it might be even better. I've been A/Bing them side by side yesterday and eventhough I can see how Soothe might be quicker to work with, I really like all the other stuff DSEQ brings to the table.

TBProAudio just doesn't make a fool out of you. There are no "magic this and magic that" buttons. That does mean that you can't choose between the "subtle" and "heavy" mode as in Soothe, but rather have to precisely tune the treshold, tilt and strength knobs. But I love it that way. That means the plugin is predictable. That means it won't change sound when developer decides to tune the algorithms.

Another feature I love is the button to switch between linear phase and natural phase filters. Again. Soothe just solves that for you just by not mentioning what kind of filters it uses at all. (and as FFT analysis has to be there for the dtection part to even happen, you can't read that from the delay value) DSEQ let's you choose.

All the missing bells and whistles from Smooth Operator are there as well. Especially delta-listening. And you can even band-limit the delta-listeing area. Love it.

...oh and no iLok needed. I think I finally found my favorite resonance supressor. :).

(Only nitpick I have is that the "selectivity" knob would be cooler if it also drove the GR vsiualisation smoothing. That is solved much better in Soothe. It's visually hard to tell from the GR-analyser that the knob is working untill you really push it. Sound-wise it does what it should, though, so all good.).

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Reviewed By CoDeX 468 [all]
January 28th, 2022
Version reviewed: 2 on Mac

I have a Logic Pro X 10.4.8, the product crashes when i open it the DAW, is it a compatibility issue? do i have to upgrade to Big Sure OS X.?

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Reviewed By Trader One [all]
January 9th, 2022
Version reviewed: 2.3.0 on Windows

Very good VU meter, can do multiple modes and zero level is configurable. Very good for quick checking gain settings during recording, UI is resizable - you can make it big on the screen.

Author has also another more detailed volume meter dpMeter but its too much information for mere gain setup. dPMeter plugin still needs some work - graphical peak levels are not how they looks at real equipment, reference marks are missing and scale is too big, while there are several standards for displaying PPM dpMeter implements none of them, probably best to implement IEC 60268-18.

This VU meter does everything what it should, it has several skins, modes and presets. Just get it.

I record in VU Standard, zero at -18 dbFS.

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Reviewed By Trader One [all]
January 8th, 2022
Version reviewed: 1 on Windows

This plugin deserve 5 stars, its very good comparable to paid ones. GUI is nice with meters, sounds nice.

Saturation level is similar to what is hardware doing. Some saturation plugins are more artistic, this one is on simulation side.

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Reviewed By komoro [all]
December 13th, 2021
Version reviewed: 1.1.4 on Windows

Very nice Saturator. Sounds very good and the GUI is awesome. Any idea what the fluctuation poti is for?

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Reviewed By fsaln1 [all]
August 22nd, 2021
Version reviewed: mvmeter2 on Windows

Tengo problemas para abrir mvmeter2 en cubase pro11, cuando intento abrirlo cubase se paraliza y tengo que cerrarlo con el administrador de tarea de windows 10.

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Reviewed By ReaperEdge [all]
July 23rd, 2021
Version reviewed: v1.010 on Windows

This plugin is working great (and looks great) in REAPER v6.32_x64 on Win10_x64.
Thank you for sharing.

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