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Our company develops audio tools which helps music producers to make their job quicker and better. We are using latest algorithms and standards (e.g. EBU R128) to let our customers deliver best quality. Our tools are developed by musicians for musicians.

TBProAudio Team.

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Reviewed By ozerek7695
March 6, 2021

I have tested it with the EBU calibration files and it does what it promises well.
It allows measurement options that in other free plugins are paid.
It also allows for momentary or short-term automations, an interesting option to control macro-dynamics.

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Reviewed By tommyzai
February 25, 2019


Euphonia v2 by TB Pro Audio is an outstanding audio spectrum balancing plugin that subtly, but significantly works sonic wonders on tracks. It didn't take me long to appreciate the many benefits of adding this to my workflow. It's perfectly suited for mastering, but can also be used for restoration, re-mastering, sound design, and sculpting single tracks. Euphonia's original v1 interface was fun and inviting. I liked the original GUI as it had a bit of a vintage, lo-fi vibe, but this one sparkles with enhanced clarity.

The complex calculations are done behind the scenes, enabling the user to focus on the creative process — not mathematics. Soon after launching Euphonia, I knew it would become a permanent part of my music production. It's an excellent tool that fills a few vital important roles, most notably bringing the overall frequencies in line with the intended genre. This was something I once labored over when producing tracks, especially dance tracks. I would mix, master, press a test copy, beg a DJ friend to mix it in with other club music, and see how it matched up. It was all done by ear and/or guesswork. With Euphonia, there is less guessing and more smiling.


• Easy download, install, and authorization process
• User-friendly, gorgeous Interface
• Sounds great! The new version boasts enhanced spectrum matching. V2 creates more accurate filter curves even if the reference curve does not fit perfectly.
• Good price
• Innovative, responsive developer.


• There are two ways to capture audio. I prefer the off-line option, as it's much faster.

• The built-in curves are excellent, and v2 has custom reference curves, which will allow users to tailor the balancing for other genres and subgenres, i.e., Funk, Motown, R&B, Folk, etc.

• New zero delay operation mode. Very cool.

• There were some CPU spikes in v1, but I did not notice any with v2. The overall consumption is good considering the powerful processing that's going on.

• Audio files (WAV/AIFF) can not be instantly loaded as reference "fingerprints" — much faster and more efficient.


The new, improved Euphonia is a handy plugin that is a must for anyone (eMusicians, producers, film and game scorers, sound designer, DJs, etc.), who are serious about making music that stand tall when compared to other tracks in its genre. It helps breathe life into music, not suck the life out of it! Tommy Zai gives Euphonia v2 two keenly balanced thumbs up. Thank you TB Pro Audio for creating such an essential plugin.

Note: This plugin will not take the place of mastering engineers, but it will help "set a solid (frequency balancing) ground for mastering." I stole this quote from an online comment.

Double Note: I recently reformatted my hard drive and reinstalled only the apps/plugins I love. This was one of the first re-installed.

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Reviewed By RobertSchulz
January 8, 2019

This one is curious, and i like curious things. Maybe you don't need this plugin at every session you have, but it is a really good metering plugin if you want to listen/analyze to specific frequency areas and (for what i think which is even more cool) you can listen to specific frequency bands at each of both stereo channels (L+R) as well as at the Mid or Side Signal alone.

F.e. if i would want to listen to the low end at the side or the mids or the left side, its very fast to made with Isol8.

You can use it also as an EQ/Filter, but its behaviour on the signal is very harsh as there is no gain or resonance function for the frequency bands, but if you like such rough filtering this is a good option too.

You also can put another Filter after if you want to make a little boost or cut of those frequency areas.

Towards this you can also filter certain frequency areas out to treat them after separately from the other.

Isol8 can work as an spatial effect as well. You can make certain frequency areas to summed mono or mono by copying the left or right side to the opposite side with the Monitor Center function by clicking on the "Monitor" text.

The Dim-Option for me is a little bit uneven. There is a little attack time until it drops the audio down the entered value in dB. Here i would wish that there is a switch as like the Bypass Filter switch, on where we can toggle between gliding volume drop and direct volume drop. But it is good as well.

The Filter Bypass-switch is a very good idea too.

I really like the 3D-like GUI. Thanks to Crimson Merry.

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Reviewed By colobelporridge
May 19, 2018

Another great utilitarian piece from Tb Pro audio. Its the kind of VST that will live on your master bus. The dim setting is what i use most of the time and the solo frequency range switches can be good for making sure your mix is balanced. In conjunction with any eq you can get the band solo type effect that is possible with eqs like ddmf iieq pro and nova eq, so you can workion a particular frequency range even if your eq does not have the solo band function. A swiss army knife of features you didnt realise you were missing, .

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Reviewed By colobelporridge
May 19, 2018

This works very well, i cant really fault this utilitarian piece. Being able to link or unlink the volume for each side of the sgnal is a nice feature, as is the calibration setting. I originally got this to try the bass and kick trick which has been illustrated in his recording revolution interview and it works very well for this purpose.

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