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Wusik SQ200 HD Announced


Wusik has announced that Wusik SQ200 HD, a Hardware Remote Controller, is in the works for Wusik SQ200.

WilliamK explains:

"Wusik SQ 200 HD is the Hardware Remote Controller that allows you to use your computer as a full Digital Audio Workstation (DAW), MIDI Sequencer and Plugins Host.

With this hardware box, you will be able to connect to a computer and use it without monitor, mouse and keyboard. All is done from the controller itself, which hosts several special buttons, navigation arrows and two LCD screens."

Wusik is doing a Crowdfunding PreOrder. You can read all about this project at wusik.com/.../wusik-sq200-2

Here's a video showcasing the current prototype hardware unit: YouTube/iOGXxvbHeNI



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