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Wusik Station updated to v7.0.4

Wusik has updated Wusik Station to version 7.0.4.

Changes since 7.0:

  • Recoded ModMatix destinations AmpEnv and ModEnv.
  • Added ModMatrix Source Velocity (monophonic).
  • Added ModMatrix All Filters Resonance.
  • Fixed a filter bug.
  • Fixed loading of 8-bit WAV-files.
  • Improved auto-tuning of single-cycle waveforms. (maximum length of single-cycle waveform is now < 0.06116 of the waveform's sample rate).
  • Improved display of single-cycle waveforms.
  • If a single-cycle is looped, WS will now auto-tune. (maximum length of single-cycle waveform is < 0.12225 of the waveform's sample rate).
  • Now ignores invalid WusikPRST files in the Wusikstation Data\Presets folder.
  • Fixed rogue blank space above GUI in Cubase v4-v6.
  • Host now only shows one Program.
  • Fixed flawed right-channel processing of layers W1+W2 stereo-samples.
  • Fixed SONAR X1 crash when loading Wusikstation Multi-Out.
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