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zenAud.io updates ALK2 to v2.0.66 for Mac


zenAud.io has released an update to its looper DAW, zenAud.io ALK2.

Version 2.0.66 has several bug-fixes and improvements:

  • Clicking on a track's I/O now jumps to source/destination track.
  • Fixed bug where notes were dropped on certain quantize settings.
  • Fixed bug where exporting caused a crash for certain projects.
  • S to activate zoom tool is now E. Fixed bug where key was needed to be pressed twice.
  • Updated in-app logo.
  • Fixed visual bug with import loading indicator.
  • Activation button added. Users can now activate instantly.
  • Remaining trial days now displayed.
  • Window size is now remembered.
  • Fixed audition icon visual bug.
  • Big improvements to plugin scanning.
  • Fix to allow ALK to run on Japanese keyboards.
  • Loops now darkened on powered off tracks.
  • Improvements to quantization.
  • Fixed bug where notes stick on powered off MIDI track.
  • Fixed crash when copying and pasting between songs.
  • Improvements to installer.
  • Updated app name to ALK2.
  • New help menu item links to tutorial videos.
  • Fixed importing of mono files.
  • Other improvements and fixes.

Known Issues:

  • Instability when on some types of project imports.
  • Quantization is too strict when entering a MIDI loop if the loop is adjacent to another MIDI loop.

zenAud.io would like to thank Luigi Ferrara and Ian Stephenson for assistance with this update.



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