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zenAud.io updates ALK to v1.0.38 featuring stability and VST directory fixes


zenAud.io has updated ALK, a looper/sequencer/DAW music performance software application for Mac, to version 1.0.38. The new version features bug-fixes, full incorporation of Ableton Link and compatibility with V3 Audio Units.


  • Fix an issue which caused songs to be corrupted when you added a plugin, then added some automation for that plugin, and then deleted that plugin. What happened was the automation region wasn't updated when the first plugin was deleted -- leaving it dangling.
  • Related to this, we're now more careful when we load files so that even if we can't find a plugin, we don't crash.
  • Plugins now load much faster, and their editors open faster too.
  • When you change the label of a record or playback loop, the view scrolled, which could be annoying. It now only does so when you use the keyboard to change the name (using "n" key). The idea is that with the keyboard it is easy to change many loops in succession by typing n, changing the text or selecting the play loop in the menu using arrow keys. In both cases, hitting return will move you to the next loop where you can hit n again and repeat. But when you do it with the mouse, you don't get this behaviour.
  • When deleting and pasting loops, the view failed to follow the pasted/deleted item. Now it does.
  • Fix regarding the licking noise artefacts when playing short loops.
  • Fixed bug where moving a selection of loops caused the links between record and playback loops to become lost.
  • Fixed ordering of recently opened songs: previously, the least recently used was first, now the most recently used song appears first; consistent with other macOS (and windows) apps.
  • Fixed bug in VST/AU selectors. The bug would lead to mysterious behaviour, e.g. plugin editors failing to open, or in other cases opening incorrectly (e.g. if you opened Guitar Rig VST and subsequently switched to Guitar Rig AU, then a mouse click would correctly yield the AU version, whereas typing "tii" would reveal the VST version).


  • Improvements on ALK's User Manual.


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