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zenAud.io updates ALK2 and Solo to v2.0.99


zenAud.io has released an update to its looper DAW, zenAud.io ALK2 and ALK2 Solo.

v2.0.99 has several bug-fixes and improvements, most notably an important overhaul of ALK's MIDI handling.

New Features:

  • Silence MIDI notes button (kills all MIDI and stops transport).
  • Retrigger overlapping notes MIDI loop menu option.

Bugs Fixed:

  • Numerous MIDI issues with stuck notes.
  • Numerous MIDI issues with dropped notes.
  • Numerous MIDI issues with sustained notes (when using sustain/sostenuto pedals).
  • Issue with automation position jumping to wrong point in song for time signatures other than 4/4.
  • Captured automation region set to revert to initial position value now loops from start of region (when automating position).
  • Rewind button key shortcut 'r' now working.
  • Adjusted loop key commands.
  • Various minor fixes.

Known Issues:

  • Some issues with importing audio.


Discussion: Active
6 July 2018 at 3:21am

This seems to be the beginning of the future...the Solo Performer! This program really does create options and possibilities only left to the imagination...as far as live performance is concerned. Love the fact that varied video tutorials are constantly being made available on their forum, as well as Youtube.

The upgrades are always welcome.

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